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What are your views on piracy trailers on movies?

Asked by for1qu (54points) June 7th, 2009

It’s annoying that anti-piracy companies make that same tedious piracy trailer at the beginning of every legitimately movie bought unskipable. Though the people who just illegally download their movies will never see that.

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You wouldnt steal a car…....

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Lol, yes. I have seen it going to the movies as well. There is irony in that.

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Annoying, but unsurprising.

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but i sure as hell would copy it.

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About the “you wouldn’t steal a car” statement, you can’t download a car.
I’m pretty sure that once 3d printing technology becomes advanced enough and widely available , it will no longer be true.

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I and I think most of you would agree they’re preaching to the converted. Maybe it brings it back home that this is an illegal act, even people who buy or download movies illegally will once in a while see legitimate movies.

Nice comment ragingloli.

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If they are like this one, I am all for it. @

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@for1qu got any more of those? That’s great.

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I think they’re a little over the top but they do make a fair point.
The movie industry is a business and while Steven Speilberg and Brad Pitt and countless other big names make ridiculous money, yes there’s many other’s that rely on that revenue.

There’s countless others in that industry who have crappy jobs that they’d rather not do if they didn’t have mortgages to pay and kids to feed and they depend on these things like music sales and dvd sales so they can make a decent life for themselves and their families and piracy, whether it be software of movies or music is taking food out of their mouths.

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Just trying to defend the other side: Don’t you think that by downloading the movies they will start paying the top stars less rather than getting rid or cutting back on the lower people?

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That’s not going to happen and neither you nor I have control over that. Sandra Bullock doesn’t care who pirates her work. The lowly IT worker who works for Universal for 50k a year or the administrative assistant has a more vested interest in this because piracy could eventually cost that person their job.

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@for1qu – Lurve for the link!

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Has that happened so far? I’m just asking I have no clue, though I haven’t heared anything about it.

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It absolutely has. These things don’t tend to make the papers though. Businesses makes cuts at the bottom first.

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I don’t think the piracy trailers have ANY effect on stopping piracy.

People who pirate know that it’s wrong. That’s a no-brainer. There are anti-piracy stickers and DRM everywhere these days.

People pirate because it’s easy, free, and you have a very small chance of getting caught (next to none).

The trailers do nothing but state the obvious…but they don’t enforce it.

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I’d disagree until I see results that say other wise. I think they do have an effect even if it’s small, they reinforce that downloading is illegal and immoral, people may already know this but these trailers guilt you into buying legal copies.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic I am not sure you are right there. It seems that the movie industry makes more than ever.

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@oratio Netflix is cheap. Is that too much for people?

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic That is something different. I was responding to your claim that the movie industry loses money.

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I think if I buy it I should have the right to make a copy of it and do as I please with the copy.

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All I know is that I’ve seen anti-piracy trailers and info before movies for years, either guilt-tripping you or making you scared of the penalties. The movie/music industries continue to lose millions a year due to pirates and that loss is growing.

Doesn’t sound very effective to me.

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@oratio omg thats great. That friggin video just goes on FOREVERRRRR

@The_Compassionate_Heretic yes, netflix is cheap, i use it to get DVDs as soon as they come out so i can burn them :P

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“You wouldn’t steal a car.” Oh, yeah? How do you know? Maybe I would.

Those ads annoy the hell out of me.

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silly bastards. i may steal a hand bag, they don’t know that.
i’ve pirated more shit than i could ever count.

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Arrgh! Watch ‘em however ye can, boys.

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The movie and music indutry has a fundamental problem. They assume that every estimated download, is something that person would have otherwise paid for. If you then comprise your lost revenue of that, in comparison to your ever increasing annual profit, you get a fantasy of lost income, you go out convincing people would have otherwise existed.

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