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What do you think about Iago in Othello?

Asked by Emelo123 (84points) June 7th, 2009

I think Iago is like the best part of Othello. His Strategies are so simple yet brilliant. What do you think?

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I think you’re doing your homework.

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Iago is great. One of my favourite villains of all time.

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I’ve never understood Iago’s motives. (Bob; Better?)

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@gailcalled It’s “better”.

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He’s a dick, like Super dick, he is Captain Major Dickerson, but if youre doing your homework, I suggest do what I did to my english teacher’s study guide, answer No Thanks to the Express your opinion questions

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@bcstrummer: I get the feeling from reading the above ^^ that you should have paid more attention to your English teacher’s study guide.

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Iago is one of the most convincingly cruel villains…..personally, I think his portrayal is very human and believable. BTW, the ‘express your opinion’ questions are my favorites, because they allow you to test how convincing you are as an analyst of character!

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@Ruthi: You don’t find the argument that Iago “is a dick” a super-compelling analysis?

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Actually i finished SCHOOL. I was in honors English. And I am reading Othello for the first time and im loving it. My friend said Iago is dumb and cruel. And I wanted to know others opinion. Ask any question if you like! I know everything. I finished the book! Iago gets Cassio fired by telling him to get drunk and start a fight with i think Roderigo. And then he becomes great friends with Othello and gets Emilia his wife to steal the handkercheif. The handkerchief was given to DEsdomona by Othello. And was given to Othello by his mother right before she died. Othello kills his wife desdomona and then Emilia gets killed by iago because she told the truth.!And so on.. I don’t have to convince you jerks anything .
@GAILCALLED I Get the feeling you should stop writingg to me with your stupidety. And you and bob are WRONG. LOSers. I couuld careless. And if I had been doing homework i would not ask on fluther I’d just look it up in GOOGLE. I hope u feel stupiid annd retarded for making stupidass predictions.!

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@gailcalled Hehe, I actually did find it amusing! Very detailed if I may say so! From an English-Literature-student-about-to-sit-her-final-exams’ point of view, it’s quite funny that someone should be able to easily class Iago as that. I think there’s much more character to the guy than just what meets the eye. That’s why he’s so convincing as a villain – because he’s hard to comprehend at first glance.

@Emelo123 I’ve just started rereading that book, and from what I’ve seen of Iago, I’d not call him dumb either. Cruel, definitely…and shrewd, but dumb? Not!!! How could someone who’s dumb come up with such ingeniously inhumane plans? I’m siding with you….....Othello isn’t half as fascinating as Iago =) And by fascinating I mean in a purely literary-analytical way! I definitely do not want clones of the guy wandering our streets!

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He’s one great villian!

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