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If I came across a Lamborghini and then proceeded to make a 1:1 copy with my state-of-the-art replicator, to use it for myself, have I stolen the car?

Asked by ragingloli (45885points) June 7th, 2009
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You have not stolen that particular car but you have stolen their technology which they have a right to since they developed it. This is why there aren’t Lambhorgini clones all around the world.

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Sorry for not being insightful, but just pay for your film, music, programs, etc.

Especially programs, people work really hard to make these.

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No, you have not committed the crime of theft, but you have committed a crime.

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can I borrow that replicator thing?

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does that replicator thing work on people? I have this great idea…

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Assuming, like @for1qu, that this is supposed to be an analogy for stealing music/movies, your analogy does not hold. The makers of the car are selling the actual physical car. They are not selling the experience of riding in a Lamborghini. The makers of the media are selling the rights to listen to the song or watch the movie. They are not selling the actual bits and bytes of the digital media file. Similarly, if you make a photocopy of a book you find at a bookstore, you have stolen the author’s work, even if the physical book remains on the shelves.

Don’t try to justify the crime. Just pony up the cash for it. You wouldn’t be trying to justify it if you didn’t know it was wrong.

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What @for1qu and @MrItty said. Intellectual property, hours of work, etc.

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copyright infringement, methinks

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Just make me a replica of Charlize Theron and I wont say a word.

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@Mr_Callahan Just make me a replica of Charlize Theron and I wont say a word.

Yes, but she might. More than one in fact.

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Is Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh a word? (:

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