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Which is the better blackberry curve?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) June 7th, 2009 from iPhone

And I’m just interested in the display of pictures and video, nothing else.

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There’s a few different models of BB Curve. They all use the same technology so if picture quality and video are your concern, they’re pretty much all the same.

However, if you want a device for superior video and pictures, why not just get a camera? Any camera phone is going to be vastly inferior to a modern camera.

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Camera megapixels:
The 8900: 3.2 (auto focus, auto flash and image stabilization)
The 8300: 2.0 (digital zoom and built-in flash)
The 8310: 2.0
The 8320: 2.0
The 8330: 2.0
The 8350i: 2.0

The 8900: Video (MicroSD card must be properly inserted in the phone. Cards may be sold separately.)
The 8300: No video
The 8310: No video
The 8320: No video
The 8330: Video
The8350i: Video

Specifically for pictures and video the 8900 is your best bet.

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Work just gave me an 8310. It has GPS.

And it’s a frickin’ dog. It’s slow to keep up… whether typing or navigating icons or just trying to close the damn “browser”.

The camera is fixed and you’re gonna be happy on the few occasions when something is not blurry.

If you don’t want to buy the unlimited data plan from your service provider and you find yourself around wifi hotspots a lot, then consider getting the 8320. It trades the GPS radio for wifi hardware. Even without dedicated GPS capability, you’ll find the Google Maps application is able to triangulate your position via cell towers with functional accuracy.

Oh and the 8310 also has a digital 5x zoom and built-in flash. I expect the same for all of the 83xx.

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