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For the new(ish) Flutherites, who is your celebrity look-a-like?

Asked by Jude (32162points) June 7th, 2009

This was asked by the lovely Jonsblond back in Jan. 2009. For y’all that are new, who would be yours?

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Uh, maybe Kevin Rose?

Is he even a celebrity?

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people say I look like Jack Black…. or anyone else with curly hair

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People have said Justin Long. But I don’t see it.

And not Zoidberg…

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No one really

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I really have no idea. Some say I look like our king. I don’t see it.

The omnipotent King of Sweden

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I have been told I look like Steven Speilberg and Dustin Hoffman at times.
There is a cool online program that tells you who you look like here

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apparently allison stoner on Disney…so i’ve been told

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According to the site @filmfann linked, I really look like Roberto Baggio. I had to look him up. He’s an Italian Soccer player.

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Yeah, according to that site, my dog looks like Brad Pitt…

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This is kinda cool. There’s a celebrity morphing site. I’ve been told that I look like a combo of Neve Campbell and Kate Beckinsale. I never thought that they looked alike, but, when you morph the two pictures, you can really see it.

Celebrity Morph

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I’ve been getting Anne Hathaway a lot lately

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I would LOVE to get Anne Hathaway!
oh, you mean you look like her

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Mika. When my hair is natural and longish.

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I get told I look like quite a few celebrities. But, none of those celebrities look alike. I think it’s just bits and pieces of them.

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I told my mother-in-law that she looked lie a movie star once. She looked very pleased and asked which movie star. She didn’t look so pleased when I said Donald Duck.

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I’ve been told that I look like Hillary Swank and a young Cher in the past and have also been compared to Angelina Jolie but before you think I am bragging it’s ony because I have big lips and long dark hair, there are no other similarities unfortunately!

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People always tell me that I look like Maria Sharapova and Ana Kournikova. (I guess its the long blond hair and light eyes.. my Fluther picture is not updated..)

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I’ve gotten everything from the woman who played Andrea on 90210 (I was super hot in middle school with a perm and big glasses~) to Courtney Cox to Liv Tyler. I don’t see it.

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Interesting link @filmfann. I guess I look like Peta Wilson.

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@jonsblond I guess I look like Peta Wilson.

La Femme Nikita – she was cute. I haven’t seen her in any roles for several years.

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@DarkScribe Thank you. I couldn’t remember what television show she was in. I haven’t seen her lately myself.

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@jonsblond She is Australian, and raised not far from my family. She is only a little older than my eldest daughter so I suppose I really shouldn’t say that I find her attractive – but I do. ;)

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@DarkScribe I didn’t complain when that’s what the site gave me for a look alike. I’m 38, she must be younger than me.

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@jonsblond I didn’t complain when that’s what the site gave me for a look alike. I’m 38, she must be younger than me.

She is also thirty-eight, turns thirty-nine a few weeks before Christmas.

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@DarkScribe ha! My birthday is 10 days after Christmas. I thought she was much younger. :P

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Wow, when I first read that, I thought it said Rita Wilson. Peta is much better!

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@jonsblond Whenever I see that emoticon, I think it looks more like oral sex than someone sticking their tongue out.

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Damn, I don’t see it. Teach me how to be a pervert.

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Unfortunately, most of my celebrity look-alike comparisons are now deceased.

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Unfortunately, when I look in the mirror, I see Bill Dauterive (King of the Hill, FOX). Not an actual celebrity, but I suppose I also look a little like Stephen Root, the actor who voices him.

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