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Why do people crave sweets at night?

Asked by killertofu (115points) June 7th, 2009

Working in a bakery (sucky) I notice that people (including myself) seem to crave sweets around evening/nighttime. Why is this? Science only please

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Actually, I’m not convinced the answer is in Science. I think it’s Psychology, actually. People watch their diet all day and at night, they relax, let their guard down, and eat the sweets.

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@SirBailey you think its because of a lowered guard? interesting…now i’m curious why they lower it more particularly at night. a lot of our business is at nighttime.

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I know I do. I’ll be home, watching television, relaxing…you get the “Oh the heck with it! I’ll have the ice cream!”

And judging from what I’ve heard at a lot of Weight Watchers meetings, it’s not uncommon.

And with a bakery, sugar addicts will go there on the way home after a hard day’s work the way someone else might go to a bar after work.

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It’s often a psychological reward for a hard day’s work.

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Well I have lots of silly thoughts like I’m convinced that if I eat standing up the calories don’t count. I think the let down guard thing rings true. You get through the whole day being “good” and then it’s like WTF.

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It’s also true that if you are in front of the open refrigerator and eat the entire cheesecake, that doesnt count either.

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I find myself thinking if I eat it FAST, it won’t give me the calories.

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At night? I crave sweets all the time. My poor teeth :(

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As lomg as you nibble tiny fingerfuls at a time and erode the cake from the edge…perfectly logical to me. :)

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Blood sugar levels could be one reason.

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Sweets are soothing for many people. Often sweets are consumed at night while relaxing and watching tv. It gives you a quick rush and makes you feel good. It is our human nature to crave sweets before bed because we want to feel good before we lay down for a nights rest. Perhaps as well, one may not have had many sweets throughout the day or they have consumed a fair amount of sugar hours before, so they want a new batch. Sugar is a drug, bottomline…can be very addicting.

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I’ve never found bottomline to be addicting.

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