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What are some BlackBerry applications that you would recommend?

Asked by chelseababyy (7934points) June 7th, 2009

I’m just looking to broaden my BlackBerry app horizon, and I need some ideas. What do you guys think are great apps for the BB and why? :]

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic I just got that. I’m kind of tired and don’t feel like looking through it. I’d rather just have peoples opinions. Ha.

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internet radio that you customize, completely free. takes up a lot of juice though so I wouldn’t recommend it if you don’t have unlimited internet.

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I have an iPhone so thats the best I can do right now.

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All the google apps – google search, google maps, google sync, etc.

we had this chat on twitter too, so you know some of my other suggestions. :)

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@eponymoushipster Thank you again. And yes, we did!

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@chelseababyy did you download Ubertwitter yet?

oh and it’s worth mentioning, they upgraded the Facebook BB app to 1.6 this week, and it’s a MAJOR improvement if you use FB of course. :)

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@eponymoushipster Already got the new FB app. And I’m gonna download Uber in a few

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@chelseababyy ok, cool. you have google talk/aim/yahoo messenger i assume, too?

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I have aim, but I’m never really on it much.

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@chelseababyy oh. nvm then. :) i have, uhm, a weather app that’s cool. it puts the current conditions as the icon, and when you select the app, you can view the 5-day forecast.

i’m apparently a very old man.

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That’s pretty awesome. What’s it called?

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dunno. i got it off of AppWorld. it’s the Weather network app.

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I will search for it!

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Viigo is the one that I use most, very handy.

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memory boost. it costs like 6 bucks and well worth it.

it works better than the standard memory cleaner and your BB will run faster and better.

you can find it on blackberry app world

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I would suggest SocialScope for Twitter on the BB.

You should also check out Poynt for blackberry. It uses your location and you can look up business addresses/numbers, people, and movies. It even maps it for you for directions. Very cool. Never again will I pay 1.79 for a 411 call again.

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@seekingwolf So I really really want SocialScope, and have been trying to get in on it, but can’t get an invite, or whatever it is that you need. Totally bummed about that.

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If you fill out their request on the the SocialScope website you get an invite within a day or two. I got one when it first went into Beta, but beyond playing on the first couple of days, don’t do much with it. I think that it will be good for some, but for people like me who don’t really find things like Facebook and Twitter to have value, it is “just another app”. I have dedicated Facebook and Twitter apps on the BlackBerry already and only use those to tease my kids on the odd occasion – “Daddy’s watching” sort of thing. My wife uses the (SocialScope) app though, as she is a Facebook regular with our kids and various girlfriends.

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I’m sorry to hear that :( Don’t give up though! I know some people who had to wait a while but eventually got in. Since they released “SocialScope Lite” version for the beta testers, I’ve noticed that they are letting more people in so don’t give up! :)

If SocialScope is a no-go I would suggest UberTwitter. It has a nice UI and is fun to use.

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@DarkScribe I tried joining months ago, but still haven’t gotten an invite :(. I just facebook and twitter religiously considering I live 1200+ miles from ALL of my family.

@seekingwolf I have UberTwitter :D I love it, but I reaaaaaaaally want SS. Lol, I’m still awaiting that golden invite!

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