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Which hurts more: a piercing in my eyebrow or a piercing in my lip? Also, if later I want to remove it, will I have like a hole or any kind of scar?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) June 7th, 2009 from iPhone

I’ve been wanting to pierce my eyebrow, nose, tongue or lip since I remember, but I REALLY hate needles, but lately I want to do either of those piercings, with will hurt the less and have less posibilities of infection? Any experiences? Any advice?

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In all honesty, the clamp is going to hurt more than the needle. And it only hurts for a few seconds. If you can give birth (which I think you have) you can handle this… EASY.

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I have no experience with either of these piercings, but just from a bacteria standpoint it seems like the lip piercing would be more likely to get infected. Our mouths are full of icky stuff. PS: I prefer the look of an eyebrow piercing… kinda’ sexy!

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I’ve not had my eyebrow pierced, but I had my lip pierced. It wasn’t that bad in all honesty, but it did leave a scar when I took it out. I know several people who had eyebrow piercings, and since they’ve removed them, they have very noticeable scars.

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@Allie that’s what I thought as well, I have gave birth to it 2 kids and I think I could handle a piercing, but I’m just afraid… @augustlan I actually think that a lip pierced looks sexier…

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Honestly, I have a high tolerance for pain, and my lip hurt more than parts of my tattoo did.

Oh, and my lip has never gotten infected. I’ve had it since October and I have to take it out for 4–7 hours for work, and it doesn’t close up.

And I know people who’ve taken theirs out, there is scarring but it’s minimal, and mederma helps so it’s almost invisible.

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I don’t know which hurts more, but I do know that after I removed my first naval piercing, I was left with a scar.

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How is a lip piercing not in the way of practically everything?

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@Jeruba It is. Which is why I took mine out.

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@2late2be – I would avoid the tongue because of the possibility of very costly damage to the teeth google page

I’d also give you a good friend’s phone number, if she wouldn’t disown me! She spent almost $2700 fixing her teeth, after having an oral piercing.

I didn’t look at lip piercings, but I would look into them, a bit, before doing one!

Also…little hands like to pull on shiny things! Be careful!! :)

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@Jeruba It is but I don’t mind.

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I have my lip pierced, it doesn’t get in the way. I have occasionally bit down on it, causing pain. But, that’s rare.

When I got my lip pierced, it felt like a bug bite…a sharp pain, but not lasting. And then your lip feels like it’s swollen, but it’s not.
Eyebrow didn’t hurt me, but it left a scar which annoys me. It’s faded over the years. It most likely left a scar because I stretched the hole (bad idea)

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I had my eyebrow pierced for a few years. It really didn’t hurt, just stung a little. However, an eyebrow piercing is also VERY prone to infection, since your eyebrows function as a dirt-catcher to keep stuff out of your eyes. It’s not always easy to get it to heal. I took mine out a year ago and the scar is hardly noticable now, but you could see it clearly for a while.

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