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What do you firmly believe to be true or right that you feel the world either doesn't know, or doesn't understand?

Asked by essieness (7693points) June 7th, 2009

What do you know that they don’t know… yet.

Mine is the idea of “coexist”. I firmly believe that religion not spirituality or a belief in god or morality is completely unnecessary and is the cause of more harm than good. But, if people feel the need to follow a particular religion, they should learn to be tolerant of one another’s beliefs.

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When everyone stops acting in their own best interest, and chooses to act in a civilized manner, in the interest of all, the world will become a much better place.

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I’m pro-choice. I know that abortion is a horrible thing but I think that it should be the womans choice. People telling us what we can and can’t do with our bodies is just wrong. I stand my ground when it comes to this topic… however I do think that people shouldn’t abuse the fact that we can get abortions. It’s not birth control. People shouldn’t be having any, but if there is a mistake, or God forbid someone is raped, I think that abortion should be there to back it up (if the woman chooses she doesn’t want a child).

My ex used to guilt me into sex, unprotected sex, when I was a few years younger and he used to tell me he’d break up with me if I didn’t do it. I was dumb and didn’t realize he was worthless, so I gave in. I got pregnant, and knowing how abusive my mother was on a normal occassion, I decided to terminate the pregnancy. (Which my ex also pressured me into). It was the best decision I could have made at the time, and I don’t regret it.

I just don’t think that everyone is looking at both sides of it.

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It would most likely depend on the situation.

I’m sure there are situations that would (in my culture) decry ‘right and wrong’.

Is it right to rape a child? In my culture, the uniform answer would be ‘no’. Probably even by pedophiles.

But in other cultures, it isn’t so black and white.

And questions even within one’s own culture can demand ‘grey areas’.

Most of everything’s a ‘grey area’. But that doesn’t mean that nothing’s not ‘black and white’.

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I don’t have any beliefs that no one else has ever had.

For the sake of this question, I would say that not enough people believe that violence is not a necessity in civilized society.

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I believe in empathy, and in spreading love. (Smiles are contagious!!) I also believe that initially everyone has an inborn sense of right and wrong… and that it gets skewed as we age.

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That we can rise above human nature. Just because something is human nature, that doesn’t make it right. Human nature sucks, sometimes. It shouldn’t be used as an excuse to act badly.

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I have a 2nd one now.

I believe human nature is good and that people choose to do bad things.

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Philosophy fight! :D

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All sentient beings have the right not to be treated solely as the means to an end.

Religion is an unnecessary and often harmful preoccupation.

Television is a total and utter waste of time.

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Blondesjon has a kind heart.

he really does

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@jonsblond I think we all know that already :D

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@essieness There are some that don’t believe!

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I believe that attaining the best possible outcome for others will result in the best possible outcome for one’s self. If I were to be selfish, with my own interests at heart, I would still not be as well off as I would be if I were selfless and pursued the best interests of others.

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@jonsblond He is the classic asshole with a heart of gold.

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What I know is what, deep in our hearts, we all know, yet so few seem to be able to act on – that we get the most by giving of ourselves, that love and beauty are what really count and that material accumulation is not the path to happiness.

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I believe we are surrounded by miracles, and we just don’t see them. Everything is being manipulated by God constantly. It’s amazing.

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Evelyn accepts everyone, no one is excluded. A deity that judges its creations on unrealistic ideals is no God at all; that would be a malevolent thug with self-esteem issues.

Evelyn loves ya, baby!!!

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“I believe human nature is good and that people choose to do bad things.”

- The_Compassionate_Heretic

Pretty much says it all.
The “problem” with human nature is what is good for one can be seen or is bad for the another. How do we come to a clear and decisive, base line?

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That we need at least 20 – 30 times more science and engineering students compared to the enrollments today. This is very very critical and then we have a good chance the Earth can accommodate 9 billion people in the near future.

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The world is flat and ships are disappearing, but no one will listen.

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I believe in the inherent ability to appreciate and not just tolerate people who are different from us.

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Ahhh, like hitler, saddam hussein and bin laden ? I can appreciate that.

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Killing is wrong.

Surprisingly, one of the most universally accepted moral positions in all of human history has several “exceptions” in the eyes of many.

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Ohhhhhhh! I undermined you=) I wasn’t thinking on such a large scale, you know. Honestly, those are beliefs that won’t benefit the rest of humanity…..... there are beliefs that we might not necessarily share with others, but it doesn’t mean they won’t be useful to someone. Tolerance is something we seem to be lacking in droves these days!

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Happiness is a choice.

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That if everyone took the time to do some kind of volunteer work, even for just a couple of hours – every single month, your perspective on life would probably change.

I’ll never forget working at a place, sorting clothes seeing a small child so excited about finding a (probably 3rd hand…with the condition it was in) Spiderman shirt. He was so damned excited about the shirt. I went home, to my comfortable life and just cried. It made me realize just how much I took for granted.

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Individualism is great when it protects us from tyranny, but is still overrated.

@Ivan Killing people is bad, but what about dolphins and plants?

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I just want to say that I think the answers here are fantastic and so is this question.

I would ditto most of what was said here as some of my deep beliefs.

I would also add I believe everyone’s life would change for the better (and the fate of the physical Earth/Nature) if they would participate in their culture, especially their indigenous culture.

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No one has to be gay or straight or bi
No one has to be deemed white or black or yellow
No one has to be called a woman or a man
People should just be and should love whomever and sleep with whomever (consenting adults willing to, obviously)
and it ain’t anyone’s business

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No one is inherently better than anyone else. The idea of royalty/upper class/bourgeois superiority because of money is disgusting.

Darwinism is for long-term biological applications. Its not a tool for modern society to oppress it’s poorer individuals.

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Everyone has had such great answers! Thank you guys for sharing your thoughts with me. You are a wonderful bunch.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I completely I agree, I truly do not understand racism, sexism or or such discriminations. Not at all.
Differences should be appreciated. I don’t believe this would ever work but i think the most racist of people should be made to travel, to see the world and have to live in some of the circumstances of other people and to be the minority. Not to inflict these people on others but to humble them. So that when they have anything negative to say that there is a chance that their brains may engage before their mouths open.

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That most of us are all ego, controlled by ego and don’t know who we are. And we are just a bunch of electrons or energy and yes we move to a higher plane if are lucky, otherwise we come back as Daisy.

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I’m going to get crucified for saying this. But I believe the government has to be constantly questioned. I believe everyone should take an interest in the affairs of the world around them, and make an effort to be as informed as possible, regardless of what their views are. I believe we, as a human race, need to start accepting responsibility for the actions of fellow human beings, because if we see injustice and do nothing to stop it, its all our faults.

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@eupatorium Sounds like a perfectly reasonable statement to me.

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@eupatorium No crucifixion here! I think at least 98% of Fluther would agree with your post.

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I agree @eupatorium about the government has to be constantly questioned-right on.
I have finally grown old enough now to see there really is no Easter Bunny or Santa Claus; the government has been hoodwinking us with fraud, deceit and lies, I figure pretty much my whole life. This time they are way over their skis. All they say and do is to insure the people in power stay rich and powerful, and continue to do so at our expense- meaning us sheeple. The Madloff Ponzi, or whatever his name is, is symbolic of exactly what we are seeing know-the tip of the iceberg. Our whole economy and government figures are similar-a fraud; they, Ben and Geitner, the Fed, SEC, are holding on by there nails to save those, Golden Slacks, AIG, etc., that got us into this mess in the first place, via smoke and mirrors.
To think I was a republicrat, you can’t distinguish between the two parties. Their goal is the same.

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@Garebo, @augustlan, @The_Compassionate_Heretic, Thank you! I don’t know. Its just that so many people tell me to be quiet because things are “fine” the way they are, and so many people don’t care about world affairs because it “doesn’t concern them,” and it’s really frustrating. I was afraid that people here would say the same thing. Guess not.
@Garebo: GA!! I couldn’t have said it better myself. That is exactly what is wrong with this country at the present, something we should try and change. We’ve been tricked into believing we have a “choice,” but with the two-party system, we are being forced to accept this pseudo-freedom in which we actually have no say at all

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@Garebo @eupatorium ya that damn illiterarti runs everything! Santa and the Easter Bunny are in charge, and nobody’s getting presents for free. Dancer was the real 20th terrorist. Big foot and Nessy are shaking down the “government”.
Crap. I think I’m sobering up.

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@filmfann: I bet you think your “anointed one” is going to take care of you and make you feel all warm and cozy.

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Ok, you lost me when you veered into conspiracy theory. I’m all for questioning authority and taking an active interest in world affairs, but that doesn’t mean I think the ‘powers that be’ are out to get me.

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That’s just it, they aren’t out to get you, they are out for themselves-that’s my point.
It’s not conspiracy theory, and if you still dont believe me then ask me that.. say in two years from now, that should be ample time. They can’t continue to monetize indefinately.

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My advice is to beware of the difference between “question” and deny or ignore.

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1. Government has outlived its usefulness and ought to be done away with.

2. Most people live their lives in fear. That’s why #1 will most likely not happen.

edit: To clarify, I’m not speaking of doing away with our current government, and installing something better. I mean that government—the entity—should exist no more.

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@Poser Someone’s very radical! =) Methinks you shouldn’t let yourself be so disgruntled and pessimistic! I don’t think you’d like anarchy if you were under it…..

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@Ruthi I agree, many times people who advocate Anarchy are the first to complain when they find out what it really means. “He stole my car!” “I worked all day and now they won’t give me the payment I was promised.”

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@Ruthi & @YARNLADY—Thanks for:

1. Illustrating exactly what this question is about, that is, I firmly believe something that most of the rest of the world hasn’t yet grasped or doesn’t understand.

2. Assuming that I am disgruntled, pessimistic, and uninformed about my beliefs. I’ve engaged in this debate elsewhere on Fluther so I won’t start on this thread. Just rest assured that I’ve heard all the rhetoric about why anarchy wouldn’t work.

And just so you know, I am in fact “gruntled.” I will claim that radical label, though. :-)

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