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Will California King mattresses fit a King Headboard?

Asked by sflwr09 (6points) June 7th, 2009

I have California/West King mattresses with the frame and really want to purchase this King/Eastern size wrought iron headboard. Will my mattresses and bed frame fit right with a King headboard?

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Found this for you.
Basically are they both California/west king size or standard/east size? Hope I helped.

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If you mean by ‘fit’ that there is some hardware that the frame is supposed to hook into, then no, the Cal King is not as wide as the Eastern King. If you mean as in the way it looks, then yes. It is possible to have the connecting hardware adjusted by a furniture repair shop.

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My king size mattress did not fit my Cal king bed frame. I would guess based on that, that it probably wouldn’t work the other way around either.

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