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Do you believe in aliens?

Asked by Mokujin (43points) December 27th, 2007

If you do, do you believe we’ve been visited yet?

I am skeptical. I believe in their possible existence but I’m still not sure about the visitations. I think A LOT of the sightings are military crafts we have no idea about yet.

Long live the “greys!”

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My first job out of college, clutching a BA w. a concentration in Astronomy (a weak degree), was to work for an Astronomer at Harvard, who was hired by the USAF to investigate UFO sitings. As his assistant and general dogsbody, I went on these interviews w. him. A whole lot of fowl lit by moonlight, airplanes behind wispy clouds, meteorites, aurorae and several old ladies who seemed to drink far too much sherry. I was casually allowed to read dozens of documents stamped w. “Secret” or “Top Security” altho I had never been cleared. No legitimate sitings in that batch.

However, I was interested that the Air Force did fork over a salary to this guy in order to check things out..

The guy, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, was the technical advisor for Strange Encounters of the Third Kind, whatever credibilty that gave him.

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I do believe that there are other life forms out there somewhere, whether they know about us and have visited us, I am not really sure about. In a way, I say yeah we have most likely been visited by other life, but it is hard to say.

So, yes….I do believe in “Aliens”.

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Yes, but they’re not visiting Earth.

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I do not believe that we are that unique. The sheer numbers of possible planets is too great. Do I think there is someone out there visiting us? Hell, no. Why would any intelligent species want to have anything to do with us?

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There are no aliens. There is no intelligent live apart from Earth. I do believe there is technology the general public would think alien. I also believe demons and angels show themselves to us to diverging reasons.

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I did when I was a little kid (X-Files), but there certainly aren’t any here. Just because a few instances are hard to answer/explain doesn’t mean the right (easy) answer is aliens.

Same goes for religion.

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Well it would be uneducated to think there is “no” possibility of intelligence or any form of life on another planet. Think about it there are millions of other galaxies out there, and billions of stars just like the sun. And other planets are going to revolve around these stars and out of these billions of stars there has to be at least one planet that is in the same position to that star as we are to ours. So think about it can you really say there isnt even the slightest chance…?

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Here’s the down-and-dirty on the serious research that a famous and reputable astrophysicist did, first for the skeptical USAF and then for himself.

Project Bluebook – AI

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Life, yes. Intelligent, no.
But what do i know…

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Also think about the idea of life. What do you count as life? You can not ignore the small stuff such as bacteria, single celled organisms, and other microscopic life.

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yes there have been visits the government has pieces of spaceship and and alien in Area 51 and i myself saw what i believe to have been a spaceship when i was 16 i know how that sounds judge me all you want i know what i saw and there is also believed to have life on mars

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Yes there is other life and they are here and visit often. There is a group in Oregon that meet often and watch UFO’s flying over a particular mountain. They film it and enjoy some communication with other life. Most don’t believe and that is okay but in time all will. Some of our technology came from other forms of life. I know what I am saying and it is okay if you are skeptical or think I’m out of it that doesn’t change anything. I have personally seen many things and not long from now this will not be a question any longer. Even the interpretation of the Mayan Calendar says some things about this. So as many will say let’s get on our tin foil hats. LOL I have heard that more than I can count.

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