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Why would anyone wear a C-String ?

Asked by sandystrachan (4397points) June 8th, 2009

They look so uncomfortable and awkward to wear , if you have wore them what are they like .
Why were they made and why do they warrant a price tag of around £25—£45 for one, there is hardly any material shouldn’t that mean they are cheaper . Are they really that fashionable and stylish for people to wear ?

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Lame. If I’m that worried about lines I’ll go without underwear.

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That’s what i was thinking or you would wear the invisible pantie line underwear rather than that c string crap

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Hahaha. Imagine wearing that by itself as swimwear.

What if you like… moved your legs the wrong way and it popped out?

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Yeah, that looks really uncomfortable. A thong is bad enough. I don’t need a piece of wire in my butt crack, thanks.

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Imagine your in a rush you put it on too fast and it goes inside rather than outside , can anyone say ouch

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It’s the added value of being able to wear it as a hairband.


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It would be good to know . How many of you knew the C-String was on the market

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@shrubbery: Right. hahaha, from the front, it looks exactly like a hot pink sanitary pad!

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@La_chica_gomela That’s exactly what i thought it was when i first seen it , then i thought it was a joke until i found it for sale .

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@La_chica_gomela yeah haha when I saw the picture I thought of these things

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@shrub: LOL!
Awesome “c-string” testimonial: “I will definitely consider buying as gifts for family and friends.”

Finally, the perfect present for grandma!

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Wow, I just noticed they only come in “Small” (95–115 lbs) (who the hell weighs 95 lbs?!! 13 year olds? WTF?) and “Medium” (115–140 lbs).

Clearly these things are not made for everyone, or…most of us even. I guess I was wrong, it’s not the perfect gift for grandma, afterall. Oh, and she’ll be so disappointed, too. What a shame.

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It’s like having pubic hair in your favorite choice of color.

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Ok to heck with the Cstring who wants to use the Keeper from @shrubbery link ?
Ok i just did a little further looking there is a moon times sponge instead of the keeper but is for a prolapse ( there is a version for normal menstruation ) .
Ok maybe you didnt want to know that would you use the keeper or the sea sponge ?

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It looks a bit like a medieval torture device. No thanks.

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I can use one to keep my damn Bluetooth headset from falling out. Does it come in black?

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hahaha. Oh my. How does it stay on? scratch that, I don’t think I want to know.
I would rather not wear underwear.

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You win. That is the funniest thing I’ll see all day. All before 8 am, too. Good work.

And there is no way I’d even try that thing. It seems to me that is that is your only option for “underwear” with your choice of pants, you’d better reconsider the pants.

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Ick. To all of the above.

The products, not the jellies!

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@sandystrachan I would use either one of those products.

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@La_chica_gomela I thought it looked like a panty liner or pad, too! Sexy, no?

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Oh that just looks weird and uncomfortable. One wrong move and that thing could end up in your culo!

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It looks really silly and uncomfortable, like underwires for the tender bits. eek
Oh, and what @essieness says about the tail part, can you imagine it shifting to one side or the other under your clothes or falling off onto the ground while walking?

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That thing must have been designed by a man, someone who likes to look at such a thing but is never, ever going to wear one.

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@hungryhungryhortence: Or can you imagine if you bent down, and instead of showing everyone your butt crack they saw your butt underwire?! How do you explain that?
“It’s that new skanky underwear—it’s on the cutting edge of sluttiness! Isn’t it great?”

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@La_chica_gomela: I just had the thought of someone reaching for a quick caress and pulling back a trembling hand with weirded out look on their face and me saying, “wait… I can explain…”

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I showed my friend this C string. She fears she’d fart it off herself.
seriously dying over the conversation we had.

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@casheroo I would give money to hear that conversation.

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The positive side of this is you can change your underwear without actually taking your pants off.

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Nothing like an A-Cup, a BB gun, and a C string to set the party off right.

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You can always make a costume out of it. See a photo – Rated R.

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