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What's wrong with me? I couldn't care LESS about Jon and Kate.

Asked by SirBailey (3130points) June 8th, 2009

Does anyone else have this symptom? What are you doing about it?

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I don’t care about most such nonsense… so I don’t spend my time watching or talking about it. Not having TV helps a lot.

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Hahaha… Yeah, I don’t care either. Not one bit. Don’t do anything about it- it will only dumb you down.

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You could take a drama supplement pill.

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Only people with no live worry about those kind of things.

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um… who are Jon and Kate?

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I think its stupid. Its amazing how many people are becoming “famous” for doing absolutely nothing with their lives.

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There is a whole lot right about you for not caring about those media whores.

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Same as @Bocci

Who are these people? And why should you or I care?

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Ditto @Bocci and @cprevite – Jon and Kate who??

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They are the main characters in a reality show called “Jon and Kate Plus 8”.

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@SirBailey Ahh thanks, is that an American thing?

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I think. To be honest, I don’t really know if other countries get it.

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I would never watch such a show nor do I care about the players.

I can get the same ” thrill” hanging out at a daycare center. Yeah like I would ever want to do that.

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It’s like being on the scene of a train wreck. Some of us look away but you still hear the screech of metal on metal, the horrific crash and the screams of the passengers. Of course a lot of people are fascinated by the graphic gore. It looks like we are going to have enough of these shows to program the new DF (Dysfunctional Family) Channel.

Is anyone else old enough to remember this started on PBS 35 years ago? The show was “An American Family” I came from a working class family that had just imploded and the Loud family was an upper middle-class family that was followed for a year. When it started it was a chance to see how the other half lived but very quickly it became clear there was something wrong. It was enlightening to see that there were worse break ups than my parents’.

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On a side note, I think the octomom is going to have a reality show. Ugh,

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Jon and Kate who? Celebrity worship is a waste of time and energy.

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I have never seen the show, but it is impossible to walk through the check-out at the grocery store or watch cable television without seeing it being promoted. I feel bad for those kids more than anything else. This show seems to have cost them time with their parents and now it looks as though it is going to break up their parent’s marriage. I read a quote from Kate saying the kids are oblivious to the whole thing and to the paparazzi following the family around, that makes me realize that Kate is delusional – not a great characteristic in a parent.

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They need to get some parenting lessons from 2 and Half Men.

No wait. I could care less about that show too!

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Welcome to the club.

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The reason why I watch the show is not because of Jon and Kate but because of their kids. The reason why the show exists is because of their kids. It’s really sad that the show has now turned to be about Jon and Kate and their failing marriage. However I heard the ratings are as high as they have ever been because people want to tune into the drama.

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@Alleycat8782 : ...but Jon and Kate are in the show title. I think that means it’s supposed to be about them and then the kids.

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I think Eight is Enough was a much better show.

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@ubersiren The show is about them raising the kids, not just about Jon and Kate. However the show has turned into just being about them, but when it was created to be about raising the kids.

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Right, that was my point- it’s not just about the kids. I don’t watch, so I don’t know what it’s turned into, but from the title you shouldn’t expect it to only be about the kids. I would actually think it was supposed to be more about the parents. But I understand what you’re saying. It seems to have irked a lot of its viewers. It’s become more of a freak show about Jon and Kate’s marital relationship rather than their relationship with the children.

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I became fed up with celebrity worship even before ‘reality’ TV and pseudo-celebrities (a.k.a. attention whores) crested. My solution is to keep the television set OFF and not to read the magazines or even the headlines while online at the grocery store.

I have been through enough adversity in my own life and work to minimize stress… why would I want to get all wrapped-up in other people’s real, fabricated or even fictional drama?

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I saw the show once when it first started and figured that either Jon was a masochist or that the marriage would never last. I refused to watch any more of it because I hate to see people use innocent children to make big bucks. I also wonder about the sanity of allowing a couple that already has children to carry a multiple birth of that number to term.

It is child abuse, just as Octomom’s situation is.

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No idea who Jon and Kate are, and my ignorance does not appear to be doing me any harm. I say throw caution to the winds and ignore them.

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It was a semi-tolerable show when it was just about the kids, but now it has turned into glory hogging parental dispute and it’s just stupid.

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I watched when it was a “documentary” then it became a series. I couldn’t stand Kate and I thought one of the daughters was so horrendously spoiled that I couldn’t take her, either.

I think what they are doing is so wrong and such a horrible standard of parenting. Blah. I refuse to watch the crap. (that’s what it is…crap.)

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Like I said before, I watch it for the kids. I do agree with Darwin that Kate is using innocent children to make money, which is sad.

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I just feel bad for their kids

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don’t worry; the most i care about them is the fact that they’re helping to overpopulate the world with 8 kids who will probably have an exaggerated sense of self-importance as they get older.

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