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What's the most beautiful thing EVER said to you?

Asked by lady4life (234points) June 8th, 2009

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Something that blew your mind!

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“Congratulations, it’s a healthy baby boy.”

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Ooooooooooooooh yes baby, more, yes, more,more ,yes,yes, yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss!

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Then I woke up.

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My baby boy was born sick so when the doctors said “he is healthy now, you can take him home” I felt so happy that i can’t describe it, and the other time was
“I’ts a BIG girl and healthy”
Nothing beats that my kids are healty…

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“My daddy…he loves me!”

[Said by my daughter to ME when I asked her how come she had so many toys.]

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“I’d marry you all over again.”

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“You’re a dancer and a dreamer and you have a flare for life. Your soul is flavourful. You’re a smart girl, so, I know that you’ll find your way through life. You’ve got one of the biggest hearts of anyone that I know”.

My Mom, a few weeks before she died.

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“i love you,” said by my wife.
who could ask for anything more?

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She bade all her children surround her bed. It was the day before she died: “I want to tell you all something. Look at [indicated me]. You looking? That is your sister now. Sister. Everybody got that? (nods from all in the room) Good. I just wanted to make sure.”

And the next morning, Mommy, the woman who took it upon herself to be the mother that neither my biological mother or aunt were willing to be (though I was at that point an adult), passed away. Luckily, before the end came, I got a chance to tell her that I loved her and I’m grateful for that.

And now I have 11 sisters (9 older and 2 younger) and a brother!

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“wow—i see who you are!”

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A boy once said this to me .. “I’ve seen what happens when you walk into a room.. everything goes quiet, people just stop. They cant help but stare. And if thats not true beauty then I dont know what is..” It made me feel really special. :)

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“What would you say if I told you I loved you?”

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“I forgive you.”

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“take out the trash, it smells like dead cats”

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Every time my 3 year old son says ” I love you Daddy ”.
I cry my eyes out

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It is pretty sweet that whoever asks my grandsons “Who loves you?” the answer is always “GiGi!” (that’s what they call me.)

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Six months ago. My auntie said to me, on the day her daughter lay dying, “She always liked your visits. She said you made her forget that she was sick.”

Rest in peace, my much-loved, crazy redhead.

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Other than the many things said by my daughter that I cherish and cannot possibly choose from, my now-husband said when we were dating, “I loved you before I ever touched you.” He didn’t mean sexually, he meant before he even brushed against me or touched my hand.

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When my life was in turmoil with the worst kind of family problems, a friend asked me to help her get pregnant.
I told her that I had been fixed years ago, and that was that, but it lifted me at a time where I saw nothing but darkness.

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On an old card from my wife:

Talking to my shrink, he said, talking about you, “you could have done worse” but I told him I couldn’t have done better…


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“Callahan”...2 funny..a dream

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“Aprilsimnel” You’ve touched my soul..

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