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If you had the opportunity to meet other Flutherers would you? No matter where you are in the world?

Asked by Tink (8673points) June 8th, 2009

I would like to meet every single one of you guys. Would you like to meet them too or just some in particular?

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No. Mystery is the spice of life (and I already know my greater family,)

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I’d pay to watch Gailcalled and Blondesjon have a conversation in Finnish. :)

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There’s a few I’d like to meet. I prefer those who live close to me, because then it’s easier to have a relationship. A conference might be fun, but I probably couldn’t get away for it.

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No, meeting people online is creepy

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There are few that I wouldn’t mind meeting.

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I would, for sure!

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Not a chance. I prefer to think of you all as random letters on a screen, not actual human beings. :-P

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I feel at ease with the current level of knowing one another. I wouldn’t elect to participate in a face to face meeting with other people on this site.

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As Apuleius said, “Familiarity breeds contempt, while rarity wins admiration.”

I agree with gailcalled and dynamicduo.

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Sure. Dozens of wisdm’ers met in person.

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There are a few I would really love to meet and might even take a roadtrip if the opportunity presented itself. I’m visiting a friend in Oregon this summer and I know there are some jellies up there. We have talked about getting together!

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I already met lefteh and delirium. After that experience, I’d rather not meet anyone else.

Just kidding. I know that someday I will end up meeting some more of my campfire friends. And I can’t wait! Fluthercon would be interesting but difficult to schedule and plan.

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Yes. There are several people I’ve met from a previous site, a few of them I consider friends now rather than acquaintances, I am open to the same with some of the jellies. In fact, I’m excited to be going to hang out with a few jellies and others next week ;p

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@jonsblond :
On hyvin helppoa tehdä.

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I would love to have a World Wide Gathering of Fluther. When I was provided transportation and a motel room for an award ceremony by another Q & A site (at their expense), and got to meet all the other users who were there, it was great fun. Most of the ones I met are still active on the blogs that we set up to keep in touch.

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I’m afraid I have a previous engagement in Peru with a llama and some fireworks.

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There are a couple I would like to meet, but as for a convention, I don’t think so. I would prefer to keep my fantasy of what I think certain people are like.

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@Blondesjon: Sorry I missed the bus. Milo was busy ironing his serape.

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@gailcalled . . .That has got to ride up. I hope he’s fixed.

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Yes, let’s have a Fluther convention or go on a Fluther cruise in the Caribbean. We’ll send pictures to those who don’t wish to meet the other Jellies in person.

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Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes! I’m planning to cross the globe next year to see some Flutherites, let’s have the convention then! :P

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I’ll bring the blonde family to Australia if you want to have one there. We’ve always wanted to visit!

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Do do! I’m in Tasmania but if you can’t make it down here and are just on the mainland, I could fly over and meet you in Melbourne! haha. But don’t come any time soon. Melbourne have the most swine flu cases in the world I think. At least in terms of area.

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I second the Caribbean! Let’s take a cruise out of Galveston in March, MMMkaay?

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Id like to meet people you all werent so damn far away. I may meet another flutherite at a music festival this summer though.

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Me three for the Caribbean, so long as we end up here.

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I would love to, in fact I plan on it.

I’m more than a little disapppointed that some on this thread are so against it, as I would absolutely love a chance to meet them. They seem like amazing and challenging people.

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Yeah I would like it

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