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Can you help me figure out these sunglasses?

Asked by La_chica_gomela (12574points) June 8th, 2009

I have some amazing sunglasses that I absolutely adore, but I’m afraid I’ll lose them or something, and I want to get some new ones, just in case.

The problem is I bought them at a sex shop in another city, so I can’t get the exact same ones again.

The good news is, I’m almost positive that they’re designer knock-offs, because of the styling and I’ve seen other women wearing similar ones, but I didn’t have a chance to ask about them. They look almost exactly like these chanel sunglasses, except they don’t have the chanel C’s in the frames, instead they have a little gold emblem right on the glass on the very outside edge of the lenses. It looks a lot like this Giorgio Armani Logo , but it’s a little face. It kind of looks like a goat, or a monkey, or maybe an alien.

So, are these knock-offs of a specific designer, or are they just trying to look generally “designer”?

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I think they’re knockoffs. But I am definitely not an expert.

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@dverhey: I know they’re knock-offs. They cost me about $5. My question is are they knock-offs of a specific designer, and if so, which one??

Maybe I should be more specific: I wrote: “I’m almost positive that they’re designer knock-offs” I didn’t mean, as opposed to being actual designer sunglasses, I meant as opposed to being general cheap sunglasses. The reason I want to know all this is so that I can ask a store clerk or a hawker “show me what you have in X brand”, so I can find some that look like my old ones.

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Oh. Oops. Misread.

I’m gonna go with the Giorgio Armani ones. The Chanel pair is just a similar style, I think.

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Why do you want to know which designer they are a knock-off of? So you can find them again if you lose them, or just out of curiosity?

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(their logo is Medusa’s face)

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@noelasun: You’re a genius! Lurve to you! I can’t believe I didn’t notice that! I actually own a bit of actual Versace apparel, and I was just throwing out a bunch of their shopping bags the other day (they’re black with a huge medusa logo on them), and I didn’t even notice similarity! You’ve solved the riddle! You win 10 points!

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@noelasun: Thanks again, once I knew what I was looking for, I found almost the exact pair that they’re ripped off from. I think it’s these but in a different shade.

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glad to be of service =)
(btw, love the shades)

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@nelasun: Thanks! <3

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Maybe they aren’t knock-offs, just stolen goods sold cheaply since there was no investment in stock.

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@Darwin: LOL! I wish! Tha’d be awesome! Unfortunately, based on the fact that 2 of the 4 screws holding them together have already fallen out, I think it’s safe to say they’re not real.

Besides, it was a very reputable sex shop, “stolen goods” hmmmmph! <attempts the faux snooty face at you!>

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From looking at the Target website, the style seems to be called a “shield” style.

What about this

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@Pandoraboxx: Um…what about them?

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@PandoraBoxx: Sorry, ah, yeah, you’re a little late. I think you misread the question, and besides that @noelasun already helped me figure out that they’re exact replicas of these, which are linked above. Thanks though!

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@La_chica_gomela, tell me to get back to the stat book. I’m losing it here… LOL Bye. I’ll be back when I’m not thinking about box plots and normal distributions.

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@PandoraBoxx: Thatta girl!! Go get ‘em!

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