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When is the next new iphone scheduled to arrive in stores?

Asked by deepseas72 (1076points) June 8th, 2009 from iPhone
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June 19th. Seriously, did you even try googling this?

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@PnL: Hmmm. Should I be rude, or just not answer this question? Let’s go with…..rude.

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@deepseas72 – I answered your question as you can see above. As a site moderator, I can assure you that we typically do not allow such easily googled Qs on Fluther. The addition to my answer was just to point out that you could have used an alternate, more viable source for the same answer which would have saved both you and us time seeing that it takes lesser time to type “new iPhone release date” on google than ask Q, add tags and then have us google it.

So in reality, I went with answer the question and provide the op a vehicle to find the answer himself next time. You know what they say about teaching a man to fish as opposed to just giving him a fish. I am sorry if you found that offensive.

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