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What makes you say, "Damn, I feel amazing today!"?

Asked by essieness (7698points) June 8th, 2009

We talk about depression and low self-esteem a lot around here, so I want to change it up a bit.

Everyone has those days where you just feel great. Maybe you feel like you look great, you’re feeling especially funny, you accomplished something great… you get the idea.

What makes you smile at yourself and walk around with a little spring in your step?

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Morning sex.

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I have no idea. I wish I did know, because perhaps I could bottle it and sell it.

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I agree with nikipedia…morning sex!

Besides morning sex, it’s something like yesterday. My little family of four, sitting in the family room, lovingly picking on my husband…the three of us had tears in our eyes – we were laughing that hard. He was laughing too, it was a boneheaded move that we were making fun of, he had to laugh, too. After that, yeah – I felt pretty amazing. You just feel good laughing that hard, that long.

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Auto-erotic asphyxiation.

j/k of course

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@nikipedia I second that.

@cak That sounds so awesome and heartwarming :)

@YARNLADY I’m sure there’s something that makes you feel that way!

@AstroChuck FTW

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A good nights sleep and exercise in the morning.

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Getting a high score in games

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Sleeping in. If I can wake up on my own accord, without any sort of loud noise waking me up or cat tap dancing on my face…. it’s a good day.

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On those rare occasions when I don’t wake up with a backache, I damn near dance to work.

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@essieness I think it’s a hormone release, my Thyroid works on a intermittant basis, so I take a hormone replacement, and when the thyroid releases on it’s own, I get an overdoes. That’s my theory, anyway.

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@essieness- I felt I needed to add j/k in the fear that I might be modded.

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Getting enough sleep and waking to discover that my son is in a good mood and that my husband is still breathing.

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@Darwin I don’t think that feeling can be topped. I wish for many of those days, for you…tons of those days!

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Thank you, @cak.

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I have a pair of rabid ferrets named Foamy and Bitey that I like to drop down the front of my pajama pants.

The first minute or two sucks but the endorphin rush after that is phenomenal!

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@TheRocketPig totally second that

Either way, I can induce this feeling by turning on some music =)
70’s music is like my own personal endorphine factory

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Lately, I’ve felt like that a lot – because I have been working out and eating right and lost 40 lb. and damn! I feel amazing!

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@autumn43 Right on! Good for you!!!

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A good day with a friend. Or being chatted up, that one works a treat lol

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—@Blondesjon – I lurve you. You ain’t right, but I lurve you!

@Autumn43 – WOOHOO! Good for you!

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@noelasun 70’s music ftw, anything that makes me dance like a crazy person :)

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If it ever happens, I’ll let you know. Of course I have yet to try recreational drugs.

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A good nights sleep, brunch with the family, and a roadtrip to nowhere.

in fact, I’m waaaayyy overdue for a day like this

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waking up to a blowjob

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Good night’s sleep, good weather, productive poop, decent workout, cooperative 2 year old, chocolate, time for relaxation. If all those stars align, I feel like a million bucks.

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Ah, just to sleep in. I’m up at the asscrack of dawn everyday and to be able to stay in bed, under my duvet with a cool breeze blowing in… Heavenly. Then I get up, sip on some good coffee and just chill.

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@jmah: That sounds amazing. Haven’t had a day like that in years.

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Going into work. Our crew is like when a patron would walk into the TV show Cheers bar and everyone would call out their name, reach out hands, high fives and the sort.

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@saraaaaaa: isn’t it weird how a conversation will do that? just normal small talk and stuff

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@jackfright- That’s receiving, right?

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@ubersiren A productive poop in the morning sure does make for a wonderful day! :)

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Nothing. :(
I don’t spring.

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Any kind of combination of these things: time spent with friends or boyfriend, seeing and playing with my younger cousins, especially a 5 year old called Huon who is permanently happy, some good music, having deep and meaningful chatsies with someone close. I don’t know if these things on their own would make me feel amazing but a couple of them perhaps.

There is one thing, however, that makes me smile and appreciate life, not necessarily making myself think that I am amazing, but that the world and people are amazing. There is a little old italian man who must live somewhere near me, because I always see him walking around my suburb and in the city. He never fails to have a smile on his face and greets everyone he passes. If you pause to say hello back he will engage you in a cheerful conversation. He doesn’t remember me each time but always says I look italian and asks if I’m married yet, when I say no he says that’s a good thing don’t marry too young, find a handsome man who will look after you. This might sound creepy but he is the sweetest man I’ve ever met and I always smile after I’ve bumped into him.

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Chemicals in my brain that decide to be a little kinder than the norm.

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i love when i wake up and both my hair and skin look nice. it just sets the tone for the rest of the day. also, good weather. besides good weather just making for a wonderful day in general, it helps when you go outside and you don’t feel gross because of the humidity or overwhelming heat, etc.
a good start in general makes me feel better about everything, which in turn makes me feel better about myself. waking up at a nice time, drinking good coffee, receiving a few texts or messages or oh my god ‘snail mail’ is even better!!.

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A beautiful spring day: Blue sky with white puffy clouds, warm sun on my face, a nice breeze, and that lovely shade of green popping up in all the new growth. Can’t be beat as a mood elevator for me.

The other thing that really floats my boat is a pain-free day. I get maybe 3 a year, and they are amazing.

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A great run with my doggie along the river!

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Doing three yoga classes in a day with my three favorite teachers. At the end, I ache with energy and good feelings.

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@AstroChuck LOL! YES!
my mind’s just not wired that way chuck, wouldn’t have thought along the same lines you do

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I’ll let you know when that happens!!!

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Thanks for all the lurve everyone! That makes me feel more amazing!

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Catching trout while no one else is, making a great recipe that everyone loves, giving to someone to the point it hurts and have them light up like a Christmas tree-whoops that was a bad word.

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I just got back from the dentist and I’m so glad that procedure is finally completed. two visits – a week apart The numbness is nearly all faded away, and the soup is delicious.

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When I play a gig, and everyone goes apeshit about my music.

When someone falls in love with me.

Yup. Adulation will do it every time.

Check that. Believable adulation.

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@cak ohhh, yea, i’m positive that me and my family laugh and smile more than most people. these scenarios are an everyday thing. laughing until we cry. we’re pretty damn goofy.

going to the river with jon and nobody being there, and that water is so cold and the sun is hot. road trips. talking about all our hopes and dreams for the future, then acting on them! listening to ‘not to touch the earth’ by the doors when you’re alone in the car with the windows down. finishing a tattoo and you know it’s finally done and you’re so numbed by the pain and lightheaded, it’s a strange high for me. or maybe i’m allergic to the ink

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Getting licked behind the ear by another flutherer, passing one another on a busy city sidewalk.

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Having big plans that day with friends or especially my boyfriend. When I know we’re going somewhere I jump out of bed. Getting to walk around somewhere I hardly ever am makes me really happy and makes for a ton of great picture.

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I created a new recipe for fish and it came out good. I used packaged things, which I don’t ususally do, because I’m not feeling well today. Prepare a package of “Suddenly salad”, meanwhile, put the fish in a microwave dish with some “Spinach Salad Dressing” and cook as usual. Now stir them together in a serving bowl. Serve with cucumber/blueberry/beet salad. red,white, blue

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