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Are you playing the video game Animal Crossing for Wii?

Asked by Alleycat8782 (779points) June 8th, 2009

My sister has recently let me play the game called Animal Crossing for Wii and it seems like I am only fishing, catching bugs, or doing favors for all of the neighbors in the town to recieve cash or free gifts. Is there anything else that is going to happen in this game or am I only going to be constantly doing the same thing the entire time?

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That’s basically it. Or at least, that’s how far my roommate has gotten with it, and she’s been playing for months.

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Thanks! To make the game more interesting maybe your roommate can give me his/her friend id and visa versa so that I can visit your roommate’s town and he/she can visit mine! lol.

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Nevermind lol, but thanks for your help!

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The wiki article is good, it covers gameplay to storyline and other bits of info you may find interesting:
I say it because game levels themselves are often summarised in Wikis – i.e. the articles are full of spoilers

Enjoy the game :)

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You pretty much do those tasks repeatedly. The game never ends.

If you want to find some people to exchange codes with, try the GameFAQS messageboard.

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It’s not called Animal Crossing. It’s Animal Crossing: City Folk. Yeah, that’s pretty much it though.

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