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I promise this will be the last question about blackberries!! If i get the unlocked blackberry pearl that comes with WIFI, and other features, Will i be able to use them all with AT&T?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) June 8th, 2009

I found out finally that i want the pearl, but im really concerned that i wont be able to use all the great features on it because it’ll be unlocked, any expericences?

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Mmmm. Blackberries and cream.

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Why would you suppose that unlocking a phone removes features? A phone is locked to ensure that it used one only one carrier, usually one that subsidises its cost. When unlocked it is still the same phone. The only way you could lose features by changing carriers is if the new carrier doesn’t support something that the original carrier did. I have several phone BlackBerries – that have been unlocked, they work with any carrier/sim card combination I choose. I get a new phone every year and hand the old ones on the family and friends, often they use different carriers – none have ever lost features.

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