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I've noticed questions, even those with a lot of responses just suddenly disappearing. What's up with that?

Asked by archer (761points) June 8th, 2009

i’ve noticed this happening. i was here earlier and someone had asked a question regarding media commentator culpability for crimes committed against someone criticized by a media person, and now it seems to be gone, at least i can’t find it.

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If a question does not meet the Fluther Guidelines and members flag it a moderator will possibly pull the question so that the asker can edit it to meet the guidelines

I did not see the question you refer to so I am not certain if this happened to it or if it is just hiding.

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The number of responses means shit.

“How many aborted fetuses can Obama fit in is mouth?” is a crap question and should be deleted. But it will get a lot of responses, it is still a shit question.

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Perhaps it was a legal issue. That seems fraught with legal ramifications.

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@hungryhungryhortence thanks. i wonder why it didn’t appear in my “activity for you”?

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i have just done a search and my “hermaphrodites only” question is nowhere to be found. this was a question posed in humor but it seems the question cops are a humorless bunch.
it followed two questions. one was posed to men only the other to women only. so, i posed one to hermaphrodites only in the spirit of equal time. incredibly, i got very serious responses. there may have been some that got it, but when i returned it was gone. i did get one apparent genuine hermaphrodite response though.

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You should have received detailed info about this in your inbox. If you post a quip in response to a question that is later removed, it gets deleted too (as far as I know).

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@archer On a side note:
Please do not refer to the Mods as “quetion cops” they are volunteers who are unpaid. They respond to questions and posts that are flagged by MEMBERS.
They then compare the question to the guidelines and hold it for editing if need be.

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@Dog thanks for the tip, but i refer to them that way because my experience is that they are very rigid and cop-like, and this is from someone who actually believes that these internets are in need of some applied standards, not by government, but by site owners.

here is an example of one of my questions that was killed:

British comedy. probably made in 70s. 2 couples biking around looking for adventure. always looking forward to sandwiches “slathered” with something or the other. what was this show, and is it available?

my violation? incomplete sentences, which were referred to as “typos” by the moderator who was unaware of the definition of “typo”.

anyway they obviously have the right to moderate as they wish, just seems to me that they are a little zealous.

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@archer More moderation whining. Yay.

They aren’t zealous, you’re just hurt that they modded one of your questions.

Here we have standards. That includes using proper English. You chose not to hold yourself to those standards. As a consequence, you were modded. Cause and effect. It’s not hard to understand.

Your question could have been resubmitted if you chose to use proper English.

What’s zealous about upholding the existing rules?

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Recently I saw a question concerning…...would you ever have a handgun in your house…..or along those lines and it has disappered also!?!

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You want to see disappearing? Check this out. It’s a little slow on the download

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@archer: If you double check the email you got asking you to edit that question, there were two items listed as problematic with your question: both typos AND the subject. The “subject” is what we call the question box that shows up on the front page. I can also see that a moderator got in touch with you and very nicely explained what we’re looking for in a question AND how to reformat your question such that it fit our guidelines.

Also, please verify your e-mail.

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@archer You don’t find it a bit ironic that someone who uses elementary school level grammar in their question is upset about the word “typos”? Even your quip lacks capitalization and has run on sentences. Are you familiar with the phrase “People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones?”

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first, believe me, i am in no way “hurt” by the actions of the moderator, nor am i “whining”. fluther has every right to establish and enforce whatever rules and standards they see fit. i’m just noticing a strange disconnect between standards as applied to wording of questions, and the near lack of them applied to comments in response to those questions.

i am well aware that i don’t capitalize. and that my sentence structure is often imperfect. in both cases these are conscious choices. i am well able to write formally.

it is just curious that fluther seems schizophrenic as regards how participants should express themselves.

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@SeventhSense man! that is hilarious! makes you wonder why they left the question up if they’re going to kill all the responses. life is full of mystery.

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@archer: You are correct—we have different standards for questions and responses. Because questions and comments are different kinds of things. We apply the question standards to questions and the comment standards to comments.

Also, perhaps I did not make myself clear before: Verify your email.

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