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Which hotel do you think is better to stay at?

Asked by xTheDreamer (897points) June 8th, 2009

I’m going on a vacation we just don’t know which hotel to stay in.
We have checked some reviews of the hotels, by the website there was a lot of reviews that says that the Griffin House Hotel is terrible and by the Hadleigh Hotel most of them said it’s average.
Then again there was a few that said that Griffin House Hotel was great and all and there was a few that said Hadleigh Hotel was terrible.
But maybe they have upgraded their hotels so things could be a bit better but we still don’t know which hotel to pick. It’s just confusing.

The Hadleigh Hotel in London or Griffin House Hotel in London? Which one would be better to stay at?

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Online reviews are tricky.
The extremely negative views may or may not be based on fact so much as personal bias. Overall, there is always going to be that one or two reviews that says “this is the worst experience I’ve ever had!” It could be that the negative reviewers are negative people in the first place. Those might also be anonymous reviews from competing establishments. Or it could be because the place is genuinely that bad. If there’s more than 3 reviews that say “this place is the worst”, be very wary.

At the same time, be wary of the places that have only one or two reviews that say “this is the best place I’ve ever been” because many times, these are written in-house.

Average out the reviews. Don’t be afraid to actually call the place even if it does cost you a few dollars/euros/etc for phone charges. Sometimes, talking with an employee can make a big impression one way or the other.

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On Tripadvisor I also like to checkout the photos taken by users (on the right sidebar for a given hotel page) instead of the promotional ones to really get a good feel of the condition and vibe of the place.

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I’m not sure between the two of those, or why you are deciding between those two, but when I was in London I stayed at the Pickwick and had a wonderful time. My particular room had a communal toilet/shower, but I think there are some rooms with private baths.

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