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Anybody know about plantar fascitis?

Asked by annie (34points) December 5th, 2006
When I do standing on one leg poses in my yoga class I get sharp pain along the arch of my foot (I have super high arches to begin with) - is this plantar fascitis or something more dire?
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Commonly, pf symptoms are pain in the bottom of sole in heel area. Bone spurs and such. I have the problem and solve it w. cheap plastic heel cups that I get from my family doc. I use them in all shoes that don't have supercushy bottoms. You can pick up a pair at drugstore in Dr. Scholl's section, try them and see whether you get relief. Arch pain may require some pre-yoga stretches.
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gailcalled's avatar However it doesn't mention the heel cups, which is the simplest and cheapest way to go. They also suggest some specific stretches and arch supports (custom orthotics are very expensive and require usually a larger sized shoe). I have high arches, also. Try stretching up and down on the bottom step of stairs in your house. Stand w. toes on wood and bend foot up and down, one at a time. Hang on to rail
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