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What are good approaches and initiatives to reverse urban decay?

Asked by mattbrowne (31588points) June 9th, 2009

From Wikipedia: Urban decay is a process by which a city, or a part of a city, falls into a state of disrepair. It is characterized by depopulation, economic restructuring, property abandonment, high unemployment, fragmented families, political disenfranchisement, crime, and desolate and unfriendly urban landscapes. Urban decay was associated with Western cities, especially North America and parts of Europe during the 1970s and 1980s. During this time period, major changes in global economies, transportation, and government policies created conditions that fostered urban decay.

Is your city affected by urban decay? Do you prefer the countryside because of urban decay?

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Economic growth, new industry , technical colleges , military installations…........its all about bringing in NEW business and occassionally politicians are able to play a large role in revitalizing a city.

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Here is what Salt Lake City is doing about it:

Basically, knock down all of the tall buildings and put in parks, plazas, bike paths, etc. that will attract people back to the downtown area.

(an ad they put in the newspaper)

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1) Improve the education system so every child gets a top-notch education. This removes the number one excuse for middle class parents to leave the city.
2) Get rid of high-rise public housing to remove blight and fear of neighborhoods.
3) Encourage home ownership by low-income families so they have a stake in housing values.
4) Improve public transportation systems both within the city and to surrounding suburban areas. The more people come in, the more will want to come in. The more people there are, the more services they want, and the more businesses are created to provide those services.
5) Develop urban more green space: parks, urban farms, enlightened development of river banks and other naturally beautiful areas so that the urban life is more physically attractive.
6) Develop an extensive bicycle path system with dedicated bicycle paths that encourage people to ride without fear of motorized traffic.
7) Publicize the access to resources that just don’t exist in surrounding areas.
8) Build more living space downtown that is appropriate for older people, who don’t get around very well.
9) Did I mention that the education system needs to be improved?
10) Restaurants, restaurants, restaurants!
11) Subsidize a vibrant arts scene by supporting the little arts organizations and individual artists instead of the big ticket items like ballet and orchestra.
12) Better education.
13) Focus on rehabilitation of criminals instead of punishing them. Provide better job training, and a support system that helps them reintegrate into society instead of just going back to old habits.
14) Do your best to improve schools.
15) Did I mention how important education is?

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Here is what Frederick, Maryland did – very successfully.

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In Denver, many long years ago, they eliminated all the cheap rooming houses, and built a baseball stadium, plus lots of upscale businesses, restaurants, and hotels.

They have tried a similar idea in San Diego, all of the above, plus high rise, luxury, condo apartments.

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Wonderful suggestions. Thanks!

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