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Is there something screwy with lurve ratings?

Asked by ubersiren (15160points) June 9th, 2009

Over night, I got lurve from 5 different GAs and one question that I asked. Yet, my lurve score only went up 10 points. This isn’t the first time it’s happened either. Before, I thought it was just accidental duplicate lurve because it was from the same answer given, but this time it’s all different answers. I’ve been keeping an eye on it. I usually let it slide, but that’s, as Led Zepplin once said “A Whole Lotta Lurve.” What’sa matta wichu, Fluther? Does this happen to everyone?

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@ubersiren, your observation is correct.
– Only so many GA’s count in a discussion
– There’s a cap on lurve you can receive from individual flutherites
– You continue to accumulate GA’s and GQ’s in those situations, but your lurve score does not change.

It’s done to prevent gaming of the system.

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(Deleted by me – NOT the same question! Sorry!)

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So, it doesn’t matter that it’s from different threads? Maybe it’s all from the same person? I mean I knew there was a cap, but I don’t know exactly what that is, and I wouldn’t think I’m anywhere near it. I mean, if it was like 10 different threads by the same person, I could understand, but if I take out all the duplicates, it’s only like 3 threads.

@SirBailey: It was slightly different with that question, but yes, I asked that. With that one, I wasn’t getting any lurve at all.

I guess it’s not a big deal. Lurve score is just a small internet accomplishment that doesn’t mean anything. I’m not just here for the numbers! :o)

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One person can only give you 100 lurve points total.
So if you have a fan, you may get a lot of GAs but no extra points.

It will happen more and more now that you are over 4K.
I get far more GAs than lurve points now.

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@fireside : 100 ever? I was totally mistaken about that!

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@ubersiren – yes, ever.
Actually, the wording used by Andrew or Ben at one point was that it was capped at just under 100, so maybe you can only get 99 total from any individual.

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I see. Hmmm… Well, now I’m embarrassed. Sorry guys. Didn’t mean to be ignorant here.

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Don’t worry ubersiren :) This question is asked a lot, in fact one could say it’s a frequently asked question, so I think that’s an obvious sign that it should be added to the FAQ!

You can thus see it is exponentially harder to get lurve as you stay on the site. Eventually you would be maxed out by the regular members, thus any increase would be contributed by new members. Perhaps a solution or addition to this limit could be to ignore the limit for awarding “great questions”. This would have a secondary effect of having more input for this field, so a “greatest questions this week” page would be easier to generate (although still highly subjective). Ah, website microdetails! I love it :)

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@dynamicduo : Thanks for trying to help me feel not so retarded. :D

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@ubersiren yeah i didn’t get it at first, either, but it makes relative sense now. It prevents gaming the system, as was said, and also, it somewhat minimizes the negative effects of any clique that might form. Plus, too, it promotes getting new people to sign up and become involved, and motivates you to engage these newbs.

though if it didn’t exist, i’d have hit 10k ages ago…

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Wait till you get 25 GA (125 points) in one day and your Lurve score only goes up 15 points. :)

It is actually a great system because it puts a cap on those who game the system.

I have no idea who I am maxed on but still give lurve. Lurve makes the world go round.

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@ubersiren I noticed the same thing recently, and asked more directly in the “comments” section. You can be sure that if you ever have a question about something, when you ask it you are also speaking for others who haven’t asked for various personal reasons.

(This means in school or at meetings or anywhere, asking a question—even one that sounds silly—is asking for some percentage of those who are not going to bring that attention to themselves, but want to know the answer as well.)

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Thanks @robmandu from changing your answer from “You’ve been here long enough to know” to “your observation is correct.”

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hey, I’m not as irascible as I seem.

and I take full advantage of the editing window.

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Oh now I’m saddened that all the GA’s I’ve been giving out (for honestly great answers) aren’t counting towards that person’s lurve score. I freely give out GA’s when I feel they are deserved so I bet I’ve used them up already or am getting close anyhow. Bummer.

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@RedPowerLady, your ability to give out lurve is as infinite as Fluther. It’s just within a certain discussion or for a certain recipient that there’s a limit.

As long as Fluther grows with new jellies and new Questions, you’ll be able to lurve freely… and it will count.

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@robmandu Well thank you for that information. I would lurve to be able to be just as excited about giving out lurve to old members as well as new however. But I am not complaining and I understand the reasoning behind the policy. I just really enjoy giving out lurve, even to the oldies, who deserve it because they give some awesome answers and they should receive props for them :).

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OK. I just got a lurve from someone who has only been on the site for like a week, so I don’t think that person has given me 100 points yet. It was the only lurve I got on that thread, and it’s a fairly new thread. My lurve score didn’t go up. This is what I’m talking about. It doesn’t seem to be matching up. I mean, it’s fine if it just doesn’t catch some of the lurve given, but I’d just like to know what’s up exactly. I was also added to someone’s fluther a bit ago. But my number hasn’t changed all day. Maybe I should be praying to the fluthergods and asking them for these answers.

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I just lurved your last quip.

And boom, your score went up (4095 ==> 4100).

No more lurve from me. I fear you are a lurve whoring fiend and I must not be seen fraternizing with you.

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@robmandu : Spot on- a lurve whoring fiend I am. Thanks for helping me with a test run. I really just wanted to know.

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my lurve is the best lurve.

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@robmandu lurve for your sweet answer to ubersiren.

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@ubersiren thank you for this question. I have wondered about it also. Even after reading these answers I still wonder. One ways you only have 100 lurve forever, and others say that’s per/person and some seem to indicate it depends on whether it’s on one question, or comment thread, and the rules for getting seem to be different for giving. I’m still confused.

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There’s a max of about 100 on lurve from person A to person B no matter in what thread or on what question. I maxed out on some people in my first couple of days. The GA count still goes up (although only the first 5 GA’s count—so if they are all from someone who’s maxed out on you, you get 0). I’ve had days of more than twenty +5’s in my lurve record but an increase of only 5 or 10 points. It’s fine. I think it’s a great system, brilliant even, and would not want to tweak it at all.

Being added to someone’s fluther should always count (I think—even if they’ve maxed out?). But it might take a minute to show. You can check by refreshing the page.

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I received an extra 1 lurve for visiting two days in a row at 9 PM PDT and another one at 12 pm PDT, which is when I usually receive them, since I’m on every day.

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