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Is there a way to burn more than 80 mins of music to a CD?

Asked by eadinad (1278points) June 9th, 2009

I want to burn a cd that is approximately 90 mins of music, but the cds I have only contain 80 mins. Is there a special kind of cd with more capability, or an easy way to condense the music files so they all fit on the cd, but will still play?


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If your cd player can play MP3, you can burn directly 700mb worth of music onto it which will fit a lot more than 90mins.

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How do I convert itunes music files into MP3?

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I don’t think you would convert them rather your burning tool would convert them . I have no clue about itunes so maybe i am wrong

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Oh, I see that option now. Thanks a lot!

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Glad it helped .

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Only problem with burning them to mp3’s is you need a computer or a CD player that plays MP3s to play them. I’m assuming you want it on disc so you can pop the CD in and play it, and unless you bought a stereo with that capability (or play your CDs with a DVD player that plays MP3 files, or play htem on a computer), you won’t be able to access them.

You’re better off buying a 90min CD or using 2 CDs. And yes, you CAN buy them, they are the 800MB discs. Just type 90 min CD-R or 800mb CD-R in a search engine and you’ll find plenty.

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@ dalepetrie – Do you think most cars would be able to play them, specifically a later model Honda? Also, most computers would be able to read it right?

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Most computers yes (actually all non broken computers), most cars, no. If you want a car CD player that plays MP3 files, you pretty much have to buy one. Honda may offer that option these days, but it seems to me that since the work has pretty much opted to store their digital music on iPods, it’s far more likely that if they wanted to upgrade the stereo on base model car, they would if anything include a line in jack for your digital media player. I actually had a car CD player that played MP3 files for a while, bought it I think in 2001 or somewhere around there, back then we had MP3s, but digital players to use them on hadn’t really become a household item. Within 2 or 3 years, that changed, but the popularity of MP3s encoded onto CD never really took off. I remember that I could put about 11 CDs worth of material on one disc, and it was great to listen to that in my car, took up a LOT less space, but these days even your smallest clip on devices store more music than one CD, so it’s become pointless. I would say, look at the stereo in the car, if it doesn’t say “MP3” somewhere on the face, it doesn’t play MP3 discs.

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My iTunes files are already either MP3 or AAC, you should have no problem. If they are anything else, iTunes will convert then to MP3 for you, just right click on the song and convert it. I make CDs up for playing in my car, it plays MPs.

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Yes, there is!
700 MB CD can hold 80 minutes. There’s 800 MB CD which can help you finish your job. I have one 800 MB CD with me. I had to look for this 800 MB CD in market for long.
All the best!

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Which type or file format do you want to burn?
If it’s audio CD then it can hold around 20 songs, number of songs can vary. For mp3 it is around 150–200 songs.
You may go for two or more CDs.
DVDs can hold around 4.5 GBs.

If you have problems converting songs to other file formats, try Total Video Converter. You can easily get this by searching on google.

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