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What percentage of your problems/worries would money solve?

Asked by Mr_Callahan (806points) June 9th, 2009

Most people I ask say about 95%, thats an alarming number.

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only my financial ones. which is about 20%

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How do you qualify solve? Money can be like water, finds its own level rather rapidly.

Many years ago while still single, I had some problems and dropped by a friend’s house to
garner some sympathy. A lovely lady called Jill. My problems at the time were related indirectly to insufficient financial reserves, I wanted to buy a new car, a sports car, that was being privately sold and could not be quickly financed and I didn’t have enough cash. I had lusted after this particular car for a decade or so and they were rarely on the market. I knew that as soon as it was advertised, it would sell. Almost certainly at the price being asked.

When I got there, Jill was walking out the door, late for an appointment, she gave me a quick hug and said: “Sorry, I have to go – coffee is still hot and there is a guy named Henry sitting at my kitchen table with some problems. Have a coffee and console him.

I went inside and introduced myself. Henry was very stressed. He had loaned his Lear Jet to an acquaintance, and it had been seized by the Indonesian authorities for drug running. They had let down all its tyres and left it sitting on the tarmac. He had no idea how to get it back, as they would assume he was involved and arrest him if he tried personally, and they refused to deal with anyone but the owner. All of a sudden, my money problems seemed very minor. This was in 1979 but even then Lear Jets were worth millions.

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Generally speaking D.S, solved or resolved to a point where they no longer worry or stress you.

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Around 60%

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I wouldn’t say that money would necessarily solve most of my problems, but I am reaching the point in my life where I am sick of making less than minimum wage (or at least the equivalent for the amount of time I am working). I don’t really have any financial “problems” that I can’t handle right now, but more money would be nice. When I first started going to school, we had this animosity towards those in the meteorological community who “sold-out”. We considered these people to be people who went to work for a “weather factory” like Accu Weather, or people who went the broadcast route, especially those working for the Weather Channel. Now, I can definitely see the benefit of taking jobs like those. Sure, you’re the joke of your comminuty. But you are making 100k a year or more. Sign me up.

Edited for grammar and spelling. Sheesh.

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Almost everything I’m worried/stressed about these days is money related. I’ll go with 90%. It’s not so much that my money worries are so severe (though they are) it’s that I’ve worked through almost all of the non money related issues and they no longer worry or stress me.

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A lot of my worries are because of money, or lack of it. I’d say at least 90%.

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If money wasn’t a problem right now, I can’t think of much else that would be something I can’t readily solve.
At that, I’ll give money troubles 99% at this point.

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” I’ve worked through almost all of the non money related issues ”. I couldnt have said it better augustian. I think that is where I’m at. When my finances are good, so is everything else…a sad but true statement about OUR great American experience.

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With more money you tend to have the same problems but in more substantial amounts. I sometimes marvel at the difference in spending levels between our lives now and when we were young. Even allowing for inflation, we spend abut three times as much now on weekly living as we did twenty-five years ago.

We create our problems, and really it isn’t primarily about wealth. Luckily we (my wife and I) don’t have any major problems, but with the current world situation both of us are a little concerned abut the future. We could both lose our jobs, but as we are in a position where we could retire now if we had to, it isn’t as dire as it is with some people. We would just have to simplify our life style. No more flying every week or, two, holiday locally instead of overseas, not change cars every couple of years. Stop eating in restaurants etc. If that happened, I am sure that whatever problems we would have would be of the same nature, but to a lesser extent.

The only potential difference would be if our children lost jobs and we had to support them again.

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I don’t have many problems, but about 50k would do the trick and get me outta debt. That’d make me a happy gal! :)

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Maybe 30%. Most of my problems are emotional.

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Well it would depend on the amount, but assuming the amount was as much as I would need to solve all the problems that money could solve, then I have to look at 4 tiers of problems:

Tier 1 – problems that money could solve directly. Namely these would be things like paying off all my debts. I’d say that represents 14.726% of my problems.

Tier 2 – problems that money could make go away by paying someone. These would be the things like all the household repairs and cleaning I’d like to get done but just don’t have the time, money or energy to do them. I’d hire professionals to do most of this for me, and the rest I would take care of in Tier 3. This represents about 21.872% of my problems.

Tier 3 – problems that time could make go away…the time to work on things which could be afforded if I had enough money to not have to work (or as it stands today, look for work). Not that I wouldn’t work, I’d do volunteer work, and that would bring me a bit more happiness than doing the accounting for a company…some problems would be solved that way. I’d be able to spend on things I just don’t have the time to get to, like organizing the things I collect, writing a book, listening to all my CDs and watching all my movies…things I am itching to do that don’t cost me anything but for which I have no time. This represents a good 26.435% of my problems.

Tier 4 – problems both time and money could make go away. For example…I’d be much healthier if I could lose a bunch of weight, and I feel that if I could afford a personal chef who could cook nutritionally sound meals for me based on my tastes and dietary needs, and a personal trainer who would work me out 2 hours a day (something I could never afford in terms of either time OR money now), I could be forced into self discipline and I would see results and some of my health problems would go away. Or the fact that the one thing I would do if money and time were no object is more traveling, that is my greatest desire and I can not make it happen. I would be able to go anywhere, anytime, and I would live life to the fullest. This represents 31.487% of my problems.

That represents 94.52% of my problems. The other 5.48% are the things in life money can’t buy, and in many ways, those are the most important things. And of course, one would have to anticipate that money does bring about other problems as well. I would guesstimate that the 5.48 would jump to about other words, I’d probably still have 10% as many problems as I have today if I had enough money to make my time my own. I really am a generally happy person, I’m happily married, I have a great son, I know who I am, what I believe, I do not have any depression issues, and most of the “bad feelings” I have emotionally speaking are really a result of my health issues, which I could mitigate or make go away completely if I had the time and money (and money would buy me the time). I’m going to say $10M would be more than enough for me to become as fully self-actualized as I could possibly be, to be the person I want to be and to do the things I’d most prefer doing in life. So, yeah, 90%.

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99% I can’t think of anything yet that $ wouldn’t fix and I guess that’s a good thing, I’m pretty fortunate otherwise.

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Most of my problems are related to the time I spend making money. I’d take a 50% pay cut if I could just work half time.

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Money would solve my loan concerns, my daycare/kids’ college tuition concerns, having to live with my parents concerns, having to work instead of going to school concerns – 70–90% of my worries because luckily I am incredibly happy in my relationship, with my kids, my friends and where I’m at

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It could potentially fix ALL of my current problems.

The question is can it solve the problems it would inherently cause?

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Fact from fiction, truth from diction. 95% is a bit low to me, I say 98.7% of all problems have a price tag on them. Outside the obvious mortgage, car note, utilities etc, other problems you don’t realize have a financial slant to them do. Got baldness? Use to be a problem you had to suffer through or hide with wigs or a toupee. Now you can get hair plugs and other restoration techniques done, but it will cost you. Lost your teeth? You can fix that too with implants, fixed bridges, etc, but it will cost you. Diabetes, so long as you can afford the medicine you might not die as soon as you would if you did not have them. Eye sight for those of us less than 20/20 money can solve that, either laser surgery, contacts, or glasses, they all cost. Lost a leg? How about a nice Titanium prosthetic? You can have one but it will cost you. Have a baby with a cleft pallet? That can be fix….for a price, same with a new heart, hip, jaw, etc. Having trouble sleeping, night terrors, you can get treatment, but it ain’t free. There is hardly anything short of death you can repair, or treat that has zero cost to it.

If I won 100 million most of my worries and problems will cease to be problems.

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