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Is pride important to you?

Asked by MrGV (4170points) June 9th, 2009

Would you throw it away easily for something or would you hold onto it no matter what?

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There is good pride and bad pride. I try and hold on to the good and to hell with the bad.

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I will say that my pride has made life harder for me, but only because it has prevented me from some major ass kissing that would pacify the people but would leave me feeling ick, even though life would be easier that way – I’ve always been a proud person, I always held my head high and I can not stand when people take advantage of me or talk about me behind my back or are condescending to me – my pride fuels my anger…I’ve never wondered if it’s important to me…

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If it isn’t then I doubt that you would have much going for you that would be of interest to others.

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Pride is just another emotion that we must learn to control for our own good. Nobody cares about YOUR pride, they just care about their particular set of issues as they pertain to you. Setting pride aside is easy for me, in fact stroking another person’s ego can yield very positive results. YOU need to be in control, not them. Once your pride gets in the way, you have lost control and THEY win.

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“Give up to win”, it comes in handy now and then.

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Yes pride is very important to me, to the point that i can turn down money, refuse to give in, even if it means suffering a little.

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Yes it does hungry. Many people can’t wrap their head around such a concept.

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no I can wrap my head around it, I just can’t do it

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Pride itself is very important-
the struggle is trying to sort out what to be prideful about.

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SDB: I wasnt referring to you, it was a general statement.

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I’ve not been able to do ” altar call ” at church where the preacher puts his hand over your head and says a special prayer. Ive always viewed it as a sign of weakness…..just my pride, but I’m working on it.

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@Mr_Callahan oh I know that
it was relevant

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Pride doesn’t mean much to me, maybe because I usually do not feel pride because of my accomplishments. I get more of a sense of relief than pride.

I think pride (and shame, for that matter) is more about other people than the self. One feels pride as a way to seperate themselves from others, to establish superiority, and/or status. I guess that’s why pride is a deadly sin.

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@tinyfaery meh, if you believe in sins, ;)

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I don’t. Just sayin’.

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Pride double edged sword..tread lightly!

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My pride is the most important thing in the world to me.

I love my lioness and cubs.

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Some pride is good and other pride, not so much. Pride can often get in the way of happiness or solutions to problems. Pride that has to do with being afraid to “lose face” is not so good, I think. Pride in yourself, in work, in doing a good job—that’s the stuff to write home about.

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Confidence and Integrity are more important to me than Pride, especially when it comes to work habits.

Humility is far more valuable to getting along with others and being honest with yourself than Pride.

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