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How long do I need to clear customs for a connecting flight at JFK?

Asked by eadinad (1278points) June 9th, 2009

I’ll be flying into JFK on a monday afternoon from Europe. I get in at 2:30 and the flight I want to take next leaves at 3:50. Is this enough time? What if I didn’t check luggage? What happens if I miss my connector? I’m a US citizen, by the way.


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Woof! I’d be nervous about that timing. Both of my re-entries have not gone quickly enough that 1:20 was a good amount of time. It’s taken over an hour each time to clear customs. However, I have not come in through JFK that I recall.

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I’d give myself 1.5 to 2 hours regardless of checked baggage. But then again, I always like to err on the side of too much time. I’d rather have to sit at the gate for 45 minutes than be running like a crazy lady through the airport.

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The problem is if I don’t take this flight I basically have to wait til the next day OR do a crazy several-stop-seven-hour-trek just to get from JFK to home, which is normally a two hour flight. So I really want it to work… why aren’t there more flight options? Grr.

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Well, you could book it as planned.

If you’re delayed and unable to make it, you can try to go standby via another route. Usually that doesn’t involve additional charge. Sounds like you’d be no worse off than the alternative anyway.

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That’s cutting it close. You can make it but everything has to go right.
I recommend a plan B.

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Have you tried calling your travel agent and asking them for an expedited customs due to the timing of the flights?

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