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Ashamed I do not know what the Jedi Mind Trick is… off to google

This would be very handy- will respond below.

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“You will only ask great questions. You will give helpful answers.” ;)

Not you, personally.

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This would be great to use with the kids this summer:

“You will be nice to your sister”
“You will play happily in the backyard”
“You will not play ‘connect the dots’ on the Dalmatian”

Also it would be great to use it on myself (is that applicable?)

“You will think celery tastes like sushi”
“You will not be tired no matter how late you stay up working.”

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I second @daloon

I’d probably use it to get laid. Or to get a good job.

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Make all the pretty girls think that they were fully dressed – when they weren’t?

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@daloon Why?! The possibility of NOT getting laid is the whole challenge.

Remember that one Twilight Zone when the guy thought he was in heaven because he was getting everything he wanted?

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@daloon Such thoughts are the path to the dark side.

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I don’t there’s enough room for me to type everything I could do here

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I would rob a bank. I have no shame. Money would solve many of my problems.

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Stop people from typing “lol”

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@hungryhungryhortence lol haha but seriously that would be great

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@hungryhungryhortence -u r so funi!!!! ROFLcopter!11!11one

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Nothing ethical, I assure you…

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“You will not kill each other because of religious differences. You will manage to coexist peacefully”

“You will not rape the environment for short term gain.”

I could go on and on and on….

AtSeDaEsEpPoAoSnA's avatar

I would run rampid through politics with the advice of human rights and environmental activist on my shoulders. Selected and practical advice by leading scientist as well to change the way people are treating the earth and each other. Make people quit smoking, tell them to eat healthy, and to do kung fu and yoga everyday.

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Evil. I’m a bad man.

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Convince a very rich person to buy my house at its actual value. Make my apartment neighbors pick up their dogs’ feces. Make certain family members take ownership of the mess they’ve made of their lives and start thinking about their children and not just their own desires. Help my friend take one tiny step in recovering from his wife’s death. Catapult my book to somewhere on the best seller list. Not picky—I’ll take 10th place. Keep my dog from going bananas at my nice neighbor’s three-legged dog. Disguise the junk in my trunk.

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Wow! If I could only….! That would be an amazing cure for mental illness.

Most likely I would use it on my son to get him to behave, take his meds, stop destroying things, clean up his mess, do his schoolwork, like himself, be kind to his family members, and so many other things.

I would use it on my husband to get him to do the exercises the physical therapist wants him to do on his own and so he would develop an interest in something besides watching television and contemplating his death.

I would use it on my daughter to get her to clean her room.

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Come on folks. We all know the Jedi Mind Trick never works when you need it to. Ever. Every time they want to do something significant—“sorry, your Jedi Mind Trick doesn’t work on me”.

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@andrew – Hey, we can dream, can’t we?

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@andrew The mind trick works on the weak willed. The powerful characters we saw in Star Wars such as Jabba the Hut were not weak willed.

I guess an exception is Anakin’s owner in Episode I but that was a species immunity right there.

The average flunky is easily swayed while a head of state probably is not.

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@andrew Damn. There goes my summer.

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Take over the country and possibly the world. Because you could do anything if you can convince or make somebody do anything. Especialy if you could use it on a large group of people.

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Lucky for us, most people would be susceptible to the mind trick! ;-)

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Isn’t using the Jedi Mind Trick to get sex the same as rape?

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With the JMT, you make them want the rape…

applesaucemanny's avatar

@Randy but if they want the rape then it’s just sex

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@applesaucemanny EXACTLY! Everyone wins.

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I’d make politicians blatently contradict themselves by telling the truth immidiatly after they’ve spewed forth some usual vile retoric!

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I use it to get the slower cars in front of me to turn in a different direction… I do the hand motion with it, and it works a fair percentage of the time (eventually… LOL).

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I would use it to figure out one of life’s greatest mysteries – how women think.

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@Bluefreedom: The Jedi Mind Trick is different from the Vulcan Mind Meld…
Jedi’s are able to ‘convince’ others not strong with the Force to do what the Jedi wants them to do;
Vulcans are able to experience the other person’s memories (I’m sure somone else can explain it better than I), which still isn’t mind reading, but can give you a better understanding of the other person.

I also dislike the stereotype that women are so difficult to understand, because I have known men whose emotions were locked up better than Fort Knox, so they couldn’t even figure themselves out! Usually, if a woman feels safe from criticism, she will tell you what she thinks and feels – that is how we are with our closest friends. But in our culture, men haven’t been encouraged to be open even with their closest friends, so most of them are in the habit of keeping everything inside regardless of whose company they are in. Of course, there are those of us (male and female) who aren’t concerned with trying to please others, so we’ll tell you anyway. The hard part is being diplomatic or tactful.

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I’ll have to sit down with Yoda and Spock so we can devise a way to improve the Mind Meld and Jedi Mind Trick to work in any way we see fit under any kinds of conditions.

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I would use it to convince the ditch weed I’m growing that it is actually some dank hydro.

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one must keep in mind that the Jedi Mind Trick only works on the week minded. But now-a-days thats a lot of people.

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@Blobman . . .You can find them Sunday through Saturday.

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I’d use it to get my droids off tattoine…...what?

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I might use it to coerce a mod into telling me the secret behind earning a couple of these new and unexplained Fluther awards. Just kidding

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I would probably use it to calm people who are committing a violent act.

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