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Had you the choice, which alternate reality setting would you choose to exist in?

Asked by The_Compassionate_Heretic (14596points) June 9th, 2009

Dark cyberpunk future, wild wild west, post apocalyptic (think Road Warrior), mideval fantasy, swashbuckling pirate, super hero world, et cetera…

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I’d probably exist in the future where a lot of things would float and be silvery

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utopian future, ala Superman or Star Trek.

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I would exist in the future. The bizzaro Sin City where everyone was happy.

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This is a tough choice. My gut says wild west- just because the lure of nature and exploration of a landscape unmolested.

But then there would be no Fluther thus intelligent conversation would be next to impossible to find.

So then future? I am not sure I can live without trees, open spaces and nature.
I have to think more about the pros and cons.

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Medieval fantasy would be beautiful and I could ride around on a unicorn.

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After weighing all the possible choices I will go back to the Wild West.
~There if someone is annoying enough you can just shoot them.~

Wait- Medieval is an option? Hell- now I have to think again.

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The alternate universe in which I am a buff, beautiful, kick-ass, goddess-like warrior woman. (I’ve always wanted to wield a sword.)

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Utopian world village

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I’d have to pick Super Hero world. I don’t know what Dark Cyberpunk really means, Medieval Fantasy clothes would be uncomfortable, and the rest of them sound too dangerous and/or smelly. You know, those cowboys and pirates didn’t have deodorant or proper dental care.

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Futuristic Star Warish. Would never want to go back before the invention of penicillin. Too many people dropping dead for getting a scratch.

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one where i’m attractive and popular, because if i’m gonna live in an alternate reality, it’s gonna be the most far out one possible.

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Probably a hybrid of Bag End and steampunk. I want my little round house, with lots of little, barefoot, round children who help to grow our own food. But I also love the Victorian aesthetic with futuristic possibilities. With a little Guillermo del Toro action thrown in for the occasional harrowing adventure, just to keep things interesting.

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Authentic Aboriginal Native Indian culture and society, before the white man came to spoil it. (preferably as Chief)

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@syz Perhaps one of the famed Amazons? Known for legendary beauty and warrior prowess. Note I am not referring to the Hollywood version ala Raquel Welch.

I am still in flux regarding my answer but it would be in the past. The question is how far in the past.

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Porn World, where I would happily be a pizza delivery man.

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@Dog As long as I don’t have to slice off a boob.

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@AstroChuck copier repair guy. “looks like something is jammed…”

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@syz Gads- I forgot about that- stay away from archery!

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The one where everything is made of motzerella sticks and marinara sause.

I really shouldn’t be Fluthering on an empty stomach.

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I would live in a star warsish universe were I am the leader of a powerful organization. And were I have many different powers and powerful allies and enemys.

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The one in my head.

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I like my current life an awful lot. Maybe I’d just zip a little into the future, where the economy has recovered and we’re earning sufficient money. Oh, and the war(s) were peacefully over. :)

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@auggie- There’s always another war on the horizon.

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@Chuckie Way to harsh my mellow, man. ~

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Easy. The wonderful world of Harry Potter!

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I am the Mother of an Autistic young Man. I would like to live in a reality in which Autism was cured. In which people against research saw the truth as Nancy Regan did. That would be a more moral and fear world. Sadly it is far from reality. People are to self absorbed to empathize with others.

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