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Are you older than 20 and your email account is anything other than your name?

Asked by for1qu (54points) June 9th, 2009

If so when are you thinking of changing it? If you are.

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I am not sure what you are asking here. There is no way that everyone can have an account in their own name, there are a limited number of name options available. I have several using nothing but my name and the ISP, but I started with the internet back in the eighties. I couldn’t get them nowadays. If you want you can, but most people would sooner be a little more creative. The best email addresses can be remembered without writing them down.

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I don’t have any emails (well, possibly my school email, but I don’t use that) in my actual name. And yes, I’m over 20.
I’ve been using comcast as my email for at least 5 years, possibly longer. And before that, my parents had aol so that’s what I used. I can’t even begin to recall all the emails and screennames I had on AOL.

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@DarkScribe what he’s asking is: if you’re over 20, do you have a normal email address, some variation on your name or business, or

to point, i use my real name.

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yes it’s lightlyseared@yahoo (OK it is sort of my name)

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Most adults have their name plus numbers. It would be awfully embarrassing giving your details to someone and you having to say

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only one of my email accounts uses my name.
all the others don’t, and i also entered fake information during registration.

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I keep a couple old accounts that I opened in highschool, which do not include my name. They get forwarded to the ones I use now, which use my name (I can use my name because I have a domain/website).

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I have three email addresses. One is my professional address and it’s my full name. One is for my pals and family, and doesn’t use my name. I also have another one for online shopping that doesn’t use my name. They all go to one address, and I can choose how to respond to each one.

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@eponymoushipster what he’s asking is: if you’re over 20, do you have a normal email address, some variation on your name or business, or

Ok, I get it, I didn’t really think that anyone would use the sort nick they use in NGs as an email address. Like they say, it takes all kinds.

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I have some in my name and some not in my name. My name isn’t duplicated, so it works, but there’s also some use in having an account or two that are not tied to a searchable profile.

I do have friends my age and older who have accounts with all kinds of cuteness, coyness, allusiveness, and symbolism in the names. Maybe some folks have to start out that way no matter how old they are. When I was 20, all this was not yet imagined.

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I use my university email, which is lastname.# for the kind of business I’d want that for (applying to jobs, etc) and I have a non-name one for personal issues. Once I graduate I’ll ope a new “name” account and still use my other one for personal stuff.

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For work, I use my real name.

For close friends, I also use my real name.

For everyone else, I use a handle.

Old habits die hard.

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they’ve done studies to show that people who give out resumes with email addresses like “” get less callbacks, interviews, etc.

i mean, i’d email that one back, but a law firm might now…

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Yeah, I have multiple email accounts. Family and friends is a non-name, business is my name.

Why do I need to change the handle?

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( removing “” from my résumé right now. thanks for the heads-up, @eponymoushipster! )

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@robmandu that’s you? awkward.

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I’m over 40 and have several email addresses with different names for different purposes.

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I’m augustlan every where I go, pretty much.

* I’m over 40.

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first initial, last name at work.
amateur radio call sign for the Ham stuff – makes it easy for sosome of the volunteer work I do. I also use that one on my resume, since it shows a hobby, and not silly.
Fun one at aol for my friends.
then there’s the fun name @ gmail for shopping.
work is work, but the other 3 forward to one.
I’ll admit it, I’m 50
After seeing some on resume’s, I agree that you can’t have a silly or strange one when applying for a job. It’s important to actually show professionalism.

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For Patients and close friends i use my real name (also my AIM screen name), for everything else i use a handle.. but my MSN is still my old e-mail address from high school… the lamest ever created, but since all my friends have it i think i’ll keep it.

My friends and family find me on MSN but will email me on gmail which has my real name…kinda weird i think.

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I’ve have never used my name for e-mails except when making up resumes and then I cancel it out later.

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I have one email as my name and it is used for any professional purposes. I have a family email, which includes our last name, that is used for our medical insurance company and the like. I have another that I sign up for sites with and yet another that I use to correspond with friends – neither of them have anything to do with my name.

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When I worked for someone else I had an email address that included my real name. Now that I work for myself, my business email is the name of my business. My private email is a variation of my user name here on Fluther. I don’t have and never have had a “cute” email address. I have used my existing private email address for about 10 years or so, possibly a bit longer. All of my friends and family know it so why would I change it?

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i had to grow up. it used to be partygirl4580745. now its party_woman8972360808787.

(ok ok i use my name!)

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I have 3 accounts one for work and two for pleasure. All three are my name and I am over twenty years old.

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All my (one) email accounts are in my real name: But then, I’m 21.

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My old one used to be ‘motherov3’. I don’t use that one anymore, as I think I am more than that one thing.

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For internet friends, I have a “shadling”-y one that feeds to my main account, which is my name. It certainly feels more professional.

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I have 1 email address it includes mine and hubbies initials (we used to share an account because were both new at the internet game!) and name of our old house I like it and it’s resonably original I didn’t have to start adding lots of random numbers. My hubbies is his name and the number 69 (but it’s the year he was born- wadda ya do??) By the way he is nearly 40 and I am 31 next week!

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nah, i use uberbatman for everything.

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