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When you register new email-accounts, do you usually enter real personal information or do you enter false info? (name, age, adress, etc.)

Asked by ragingloli (47701points) June 9th, 2009
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Depends on what I’m using the email for.
If it’s just for catalogs or whatever, then no. I still use a variation of my name though.

And when I use other emails, I tend not to change my last name to my married last name, because it’s a very unique last name and I don’t like people knowing it.

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Always false. There is absolutely no point in making identity theft any easier than it has to be. I use my name, but my address, my date of birth, occupation etc., are all fictitious.

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Always fake, unless its my “real” email for business or from my ISP.

Use Lets you rattle off email address quickly. Just go down the list tabbing and typing “asdfj” or what else comes out when you hit random keys. dosent even compare your zip code such that it is a number. I have prob made 50+ one time use accounts on that site.

Great for various things, such as making new accounts on websites….

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Easily memorable fake information.

Like for birthday, I just use 01–01—(real birth year).

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I always use fake for new email accounts. I have one business account with my real name for my family and friends. I usually use the same information so I don’t forget it though.

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If you intend to use the e-mail address for important and serious uses that will represent who you are and what you stand for, use real information but only as much as is necessary for the purpose. You want to protect your privacy as much as you can. Use a Hotmail or Yahoo e-mail account for most other things and use limited and memorable nearly true information to register. Most people don’t need a large number of e-mail addresses.
KISS = Keep it Simple Stupid

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