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Xbox original games on the 360?

Asked by addicted2porn (40points) June 9th, 2009 from iPhone

Does anyone know how to enter cheats for GTA:San Andreas on the 360? I’ve read that the left bumper works for white and the right bumper for black but that hasn’t worked for me. So can anyone offer some insight?

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Yes its called dont cheat , if you must cheat try IGN website for the right information

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I ( with the insight of my brother and some friends) find IGN is a better website for cheats and the explain things much better than other sites according to my brother , cause i don’t use cheats i just play the game .

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cheats are just for fun after you beat the game and just want the screw around

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I think he’s asking how to properly input the cheat codes while using a controller that the game was not originally designed for.

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If you are playing an original backwards compatible Xbox game on the Xbox 360 you may run into a problem because the Xbox 360 controller, unlike the original Xbox controller or the controller S, does not have the black or white buttons.

This means that entering cheat codes, or using the black and white buttons for any function has to use the new controller layout.

Microsoft thought of this when they designed the Xbox 360 controller and have replaced the Black and White buttons with the Right and Left Bumpers. Specifically, here are what bumper buttons replace the Black and White buttons:

Left Bumper replaces the White button. (#3 on image above)

Right Bumper replaces the Black button. (#4 on image above)

So if a cheat code was Left, A, Black, X, White, B, B on the Xbox, it would be Left, A, Right Bumper, X, Left Bumper, B, B while playing the same game on the Xbox 360.

when you do it you need to rapidly push straight in and release, you can’t move the stick wile you do this, also don’t hold it in.

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