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Do you wake up on your own or do you need an alarm clock?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7793points) June 9th, 2009

never used a snooze button. never used an alarm clock at all for that matter. i just wake up naturally because my body warns me it’s time.

some people need that alarm and then they go to “snooze.” how do you do it? can you just wake up, get on your feet and go or do you lament over the early morning hour, tapping the snooze button constantly?

what wakes you up? are you a heavy sleeper? just a natural morning person? what are natural innate signs to you that mean “ok, it’s time to get up.”

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I awaken at the same time every day. I only need an alarm if I need to wake earlier.

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footnote: ever oversleep and notice the time and start hyperventilating? dude, you are going to be late?

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I too wake up the same time every day even after a night of partying. Not sure why and never really thought about it till this question.

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I barely wake up to my alarm. I have to put it across the room just so I don’t use the snooze button. When I used to keep it on my night stand, I would hit the snooze button in my sleep and sometimes even flip the turn off switch. i once even unplugged it and thought my roommate did it as a prank. He wasn’t there the whole day though (so he said) and I just came to the conclusion I did it in my sleep.

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it varies for me…. some mornings i’ll abuse the snooze, others like today i’l wake up about 5 minutes before my alarm is about to go off… i woke up at 5:40 am today and just st there waiting for the alarm.

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If it’s monday thru friday, the clock helps, Sat & Sun, I see 5:25 am no problem!

Years ago after we were first married, my mom would call us in the morning to be sure we got up to go to work. One day, she slept in and hubbys boss called when he was 2 hours late, and I screamed into the phone “we’re up” of course 30 years later we still laugh about that wake up.

Since then, I have a dual alarm clock on the night stand, and a radio across the room.

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@Dog i wake up at the same time every day, even if it’s a saturday, sunday or holiday. my bodily functions are on a timer and they cannot be ignored. once i regulate myself, i elect to either get up or bask in the glow of additional sleep, but i always end up just getting up.

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@Skippy i feel ya! i have a middle son who wants to sleep past 6:30 on school days, but will wake up at the crack of dawn on days he does not need to rise early.

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Last Christmas they were selling a rather expensive but clever alarm clock. I couldn’t resist is. It is a little robot that leaps off the bedside table and runs and hides under things, usually the bed or any other furniture it can fit under. Being only three inches tall that means most furntiture. It sits there screaming until you get out of bed, find it and turn it off. It is pretty well indestructible so even throwing it doesn’t do much damage – doesn’t turn it off either. See Clocky

I love it – my wife says that if it reappears in our bedroom she won’t get up and find it, she will get up and start looking for divorce lawyers.

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@DarkScribe Too freaking funny!

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@DarkScribe oh wow! is it possible that you could get used to the little bugger’s antics and eventually ignore him after time?

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@DarkScribe Yet another clock my husband would ignore!

I do need an alarm clock, I’ve been so off-schedule for two years now, that I don’t have a “normal” sense of time. I’m getting better.

My husband needs two alarm clocks, and me. He sleeps like the dead.

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I use an alarm clock, but I typically wake about 30 minutes before it sounds. I think if you’ve got a pretty solid schedule, going to sleep and waking up at the same time every night, it becomes really easy. Those who sleep different amounts every night would have a harder time to wake up on time, or even sleep the full time.

As for myself, I work nightshifts. I wake up between 6:30 and 7:00pm everyday without an alarm.

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My alarm clock is my 3 y/o daughter. She is also my snooze button since I hate getting out of bed in the morning. Much more persistent than even Clocky!

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I don’t have specific time to be up, so I wake up whenever I wake up.

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@Facade i’m sure you get this a lot but DAMN you have a beautiful smile

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I think some of this has to do with age. I have yet to meet a teenaged person who can get up without significant alarm clock (and often parental) assistance. The older I get, the more a morning person I become and the less I am reliant on an alarm clock.

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Although I have no schedule requirements, I am regularly forced to wake up to the multiple obnoxious alarms set by sccrowell who refuses to even acknowledge their existence. In her defense, if I were to have the sometimes wild, but always interesting dreams she has every evening (and nearly always remembers), I too, would ignore the distraction.

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@Dr_C why thank you :)

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I have to wake up around 5am when I have to be to work, so I definitely need an alarm clock.
But, I have a toddler…so we use him as our alarm clock. He wakes up around the same time ever day (between 7–830am) if we have to be somewhere anytime in the morning, we might set an alarm, but rarely.

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I wake up in the morning at the time I say I need to wake up the night before. However, although it’s a reliable phenomenon, I always set my alarm clock just in case.

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I can sleep through two alarms, multiple phone calls and children prodding and poking me. I often seem to be awake, having full conversations that I later don’t remember at all. It’s very, very bad.

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I don’t trust my inner alarm clock even though it is sometimes accurate. I always rely on the electronic clock-radio and it is placed on a dresser which is about 5 feet from the bed. This ensures that I must leave the bed to turn it off. Once I’m up, I’m staying up and I’ve never had a need for or fully understood the reasoning behind the useless ‘snooze’ button.

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