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What is cyber-sex? ( I know, I need to get out more )

Asked by Mr_Callahan (806points) June 9th, 2009

Is it like phone sex, but with a mouse?

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my head hurts

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Check the archives.:)

@petethepothead -Brilliant!

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(You get out plenty. It’s the people who don’t get out enough that would know what cyber-sex is.)

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Good point Pete.

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It is when you need another person’s help to masturbate.

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stick your weiner in the ethernet socket, and pump until the computer gives you a BSOD.

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Whats a BSOD? See whatImean?

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Talk to me Midnight Blue, I need to know what IT is in case I find myself in that situation.

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@eponymoushipster You have been waiting for this question to come up haven’t you? ;)

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It’s like phone sex except instead of talking over the phone, you communicate via chat. I guess if you were going to do it today, you would use skype or something.

BSOD = Blue Screen of Death.

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@Mr_Callahan Blue Screen of Death.

@Dog heh.

and skype is perfect for this sort of this. i hear.

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I reccomend if you wish to learn anything about it you don’t listen to @eponymoushipster.

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Thanks ivan, I feel like such a virgin,,,wait that just gave me a rise. Are WE having unintended cyber-sex?

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Urban Dictionary is the source of everything you need.

Unintended cyber sex? Maybe it’s unintended for you.

Actually, that would be cyber rape… :S

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Now may I ask, what the heck is Blue Screen of Death? Is that like ” ultimate cyber-sex ”?

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@eponymoushipster: Did I offend the monkey?

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The BSOD haunts your dreams.

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The Blue Screen of Death is the error message that occurs when Windows crashes fatally. As seen here.

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Thanks Ivan, I knew when I woke up this morning that today i would learn something new.

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Hello, Sweethearts. What do you all look like?

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@petethepothead 16/f/cali lesbian

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Example of cyber sex: NSFW

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Fluther orgy > Cyber sex

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I didn’t mean to rape anybody with my unintended and uncontrolled cyber-sexuality.

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Well…To put it one way you’ve gone a long way from “Is it like phone sex with a mouse?” to apologizing for rape…

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cyber-sex is basically just having sex with text or words via the internet

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I’m a quick study, maybe I will practice tonight with this cyber-chick i know. hmmmmmm, I smell mischief. Thank’s for encouraging me Y’ALL.

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uninhibited uninterrupted fantasy in the seat of your chair in the monitor glow of the night with fast wanton keystroke and a slow hand. click, mouse, write. write, mouse click.

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@charliecompany34 And a flatout keyboard mess . . .

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@Ivan Haha! That’s great…
Another example of a funny cyberchat session: (NSFW)

I like the BSOD comparison. An orgasm is sometimes called a “little death”, so it’s very appropriate.

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AND!!! it can also include a web cam!

but i think that might just be the next level of internet sex known as, well you guessed it, “web-cam sex”!

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Ivan is indeed a 16 year old lesbian

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Everyone on the Internet is a 16 year old lesbian.

This is an AOL chat from 1999, right?

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if it gets me anywhere, i can pretend to be a 16yr old lesbian too. i’m sure we’d have several things in common…

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@shadling21 – That was f’n hilarious. “Wizard hat”! Bwahahahahaha!

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I’m with aprilsimnel! I’ve never experienced cyber-sex, but if what you posted is even a remote reprisentation of what happens… man I’d have pecker caught in my zipper from laughing on the floor! That was too f#€¥ing hilarious!!!!!
I have a stomach ache!
That made my night, I’m off to bed now.

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*How married people cheat in the 21st century
*How couples in long distance relationships stay sane while raging with unrealized passions
*How singles have safe sex without engaging physical partners

People exchange intimate chats and emails, text messages, text pictures, webcam. It usually starts with, “what are you doing- I really miss you- what are you wearing to sleep tonight- I just had a few drinks and am laying down…” uh huh

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@hungryhungryhortence so, uhm, what are you, uh, wearing to bed tonight? im uh having an uhm drink right now and uhm…

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@eponymoushipster: was that you texting me while my server was down? oops. Tonight it’s my Dora The Explorer babydoll shortie set

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@hungryhungryhortence <jaw drops>. uhm….i’m on uhm facebook….

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I am so glad someone brought in BloodNinja to the conversation…mandatory read when understanding (how not to) cyber sex. That guy was an absolute evil genius and my hero forever! ; ) whoever he is
Make sure you catch this one too… cyber
I wouldn’t be surprised if “Wellhung” ended up being the same guy as BloodNinja.

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Wow – go to work for 12 or 15 hours and you miss all the Fluther fun!

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According to Heloise, a warm, moist cloth will remove K-Y Jelly from a TrackPoint mouse.

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@eponymoushipster Having trouble reconciling “jaw drop” comment to your apparent Jacob Marley headwear.

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Who said life was boring, there may be something to this cyber-sex thing worth exploring? ( whippin out my pistola with grin on face )

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@eponymoushipster Yep . . . . can’t drop a jaw with that headwear

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@Kayak8 it’s suprisingly comfortable, even in the vast, cold expanse of space.

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