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Do you "Yard Sale"?

Asked by Skippy (2166points) June 9th, 2009

Seems latley with the economy the way it is, there are more yard sales being advertised in the local paper.
Are you willing to purchase other peoples stuff? What types of things do you look for?
Do you cruise the better neighborhoods for good stuff?

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Yes when money is low and there is junk lying around.

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I used to go to yard sales all the time. When the economy was good, people just did it because they had a lot of interesting stuff to get rid of. Now, people are doing it to actually make money, which usually means that the sales are just a bunch of baby clothes and stuff that they really want to make money on.

I used to collect (still do, I guess) classic video games, and yard sales were a good place to look.

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i like to go to yard sales all of the time. you will be pretty amazed at what you could find.

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I love to attend yard sales. I purchase tables..picture frames, odds and ends, figurines etc..things that I can purchase cheap and recreate to fit my taste..I love to spray paint..

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I love to see what people have to offer. I sold a Jack Daniels tin for 4 bucks. Heck it came with the booze. I just got tired of looking at it, but the person said they had to have it. I figured I’d get 50 cents, but they offered, so I took it.

I do enjoy looking for knick knacks, but in today’s world, I’ll look for whatever I need!

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For sport. Yard sales, estate sales and flea markets are one of my major hobbies.

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I love yard sales. When we are going somewhere my wife will say: “Unless you promise not to stop at every yard sale we are taking two cars!”

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Yes, went to one last weekend. The subdivison across the road from me had a huge one. I didn’t find any bargains though, unless you count the fuzzy slippers my dog kept trying to take home with us.

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Yes, I love Yard Sales. Everytime I see a sign, I go “Ooh, look, a yardsale!” xD I like collecting old things and just plain cool things, so Yard Sales are great places to look. I love antique stores too. :)

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I’ve found some great bargains at yard sales. I usually look for clothes for my daughter, tshirts for my boys and husband, books or anything that I might need. I got a great deal on my daughters first bike. It was a princess bike and it looked brand new.

We have a community sale in our town every September and the fire department sells pork chops. It’s a big event for our town and anyone having a sale pays $10 to have their address on the flier. People come from all over the area on this day. The only thing that I hate about it is the litter from the out of towners that ends up in our yard. lazy bastards!

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I hate junk, so I wouldn’t pay for someone else’s junk.

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I sometimes go to yard sales, but I don’t use “yard sale” as a verb.

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I can spend a whole day happily wandering from yard sale (we call them garage sales here) to flea market, to yard sale. I mostly collect old books, old watches, marine memorabilia, brass ware, and camera equipment.

I bought an old Oshkosh steamer trunk a couple of years ago with the idea of restoring it and when I pulled it apart it had a secret compartment in the lid with an 1870’s revolver in it. American Revolver Company. It was in perfect condition – and loaded. I gave it on permanent loan to a museum. I still have to trunk – it has Lusitania stickers on it. I love bargains.

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I have found several pieces of very good quality furniture, that just needed some TLC, at yard sales. I also got my son’s Little Tykes Tugboat sandbox for $30 at a yard sale…it was in great condition, and a great price.

I will go, occasionally. I depends on my mood and my husband draws the line at 2.

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I got a working trumpet for 25 dollars when I was 16 at one. I have been a fan ever since.

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@cak Wish I lived near you. We could go together and your husband wouldn’t have to.

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@chyna – That would work! Hubby would appreciate never having to go, again. Best Buy, Bass Pro Shop, any sporting good shop…those are his places.

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My building has a tag sale 2x a year and I’ve always something to sell.

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I love yard sales. One of my brothers-in-law and his family used to take me along with them each weekend as we bought up entire yards of furniture to refinish and then re sell at flea markets. Some very nice antique pieces were scored along the way.

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Yes, both buying and selling, depending on the need.

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