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Can you give me an idea for a country song?

Asked by Kayak8 (16447points) June 9th, 2009

We’ve been through my dog left, my wife left, my house burnt down, etc. I need a good (and unique) idea for a country song. I am more interested in funny than mushy.

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The bar is out of beer so this must be goodbye

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What about one where you just sing about how everything is fantastic? You could make that funny and parody what most people think of country music.

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Obama’s president

The horse I used to date had to be shot.

learning the letters is hard work.

moonshine don’t taste as good when you’re literate.


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I ditched my lady for some power tools.
Best decision I ever made.

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I’m a true blue American but my truck is made in Japan.

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I met my wife when she slipped in my tobaccy spit and she’s been chewin’ me out ever since.

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How about:

From the seas off California’s coast
To the Atlantic east of Maine
I am the nightmare of both the Left and Right
A blue-collar redneck WITH A BRAIN!

I work in the country and live in a small town…dicks.:)

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How about:
It seem like everyone
but me
is having sex
including bacteria…
(from an earlier thread)

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Probably something about the failure of GM or Chrysler and the effect on a small town when the only dealership closes.

GM is bankrupt and my job is down the tubes. Worst of all my truck needs repair and they ain’t making parts anymore.

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I got my right hand blown off in a hunting accident, now i can’t touch myself to the memory of you.

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@eponymoushipster . . .You still have your left hand.

Perhaps that one is busy with your progressive, metro-sexual, best friend, Evan, whom you are only giving sexual release because he just found out his portfolio tanked in the bailout mess?

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@Blondesjon he’s a country boy. the devil lives in your lefthand, and if you touch your “baby straw” with your left hand, it’ll go leprous and fall off!

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@eponymoushipster . . .That’s a myth. You’ve touched hundreds of “baby straws” with your demon tongue and you still don’t sound like Helen Keller when you talk.

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@Blondesjon tongue != left hand, though. and they were “baby cupcake holders”, not straws.

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Some times I get the “you never remember to do the things I ask you” speech from my wife, so I really try hard to make sure not to forget…some times I still do, nothing intentional mind you, just I might have 15 things going on and I remember 14, but miss one, always seems to be the one thing she’ll latch onto. I know this is not at all abnormal for married couples, most the guys I know hear the same thing from their wives.

Anyway, last night at maybe 6pm she says to me, next one of us who goes to the basement should bring up a roll of paper towels (they are on a shelf leading to the basement). So, about 7:30 I’m heading down to the basement with a load of laundry, and as I’m walking down, I grab a roll of paper towles and roll them across the kitchen floor to where she’s standing.

She says, thanks, but I already got one (we had one in a paper bag from a recent picnic we went to)...she said she just grabbed it because she figured I’d forget. It made me think how often am I getting in trouble for all the forgetting she thinks I was gonna do. To me, THAT sounded like a country song.

“All the Forgettin’ You Think I’m Gonna Do…”

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My state is blue, and my heart is too.

It didn’t take me an hour to come up with that. Really.

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I Swear I Didn’t Cheat On Ya (Hell, It Was Just Oral Sex)

by B.J.Billy Bob and the Stogie Suckers

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State to state
In all those towns you’d only read about on bus schedules
It’s me, baby
And I hear your voice even when I try so hard not to
“I told you so… I told you so”

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this has to be a song that meets your needs, David Allan Coe, “You Never Called Me By My Name”. Strangely, a genuine red neck bigot…from the great mid-western state of ohio.

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Sing about the sad sad day when you had to order a coke instead of a beer because the bar was out.

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in the south you would have beeen asked, “What kind of coke? Sprite, root beer, etc?” :)

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I got a flat tire on the road of love.

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A joke:

What do you get if you play a country record backwards?

You get your wife back, you get your kids back, you get your dog back, you get your job back.

How about a song about Johnny Cash?

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“If your phone don’t ring, you’ll know that it’s me”.

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