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When do you "meet the parents"?

Asked by shortysith (688points) June 9th, 2009

My guy and i have been together a few months, and I’ve already met his parents…which to me seemed crazy, but he said it isn’t a big deal to him. For me, I think that meeting the parents is a big deal…it shows that person is extremely significant. My family is important, therefore incorporating that person in that is a big deal, and I have held off because of that. However, this is more general…do guys feel differentely about “meeting the parents”? What are your experiences?

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I don’t really care if I get to meet my girlfriend’s parents; I dunno it’s just not that important to me.

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I think it’s one thing to do a “meet and greet” it’s another to be invited to family functions.

I usually met my SOs parents before we were even officially dating, since I’m rather young and they’ve all lived with their parents at some point. Meeting them is inevitable.

I guess, if I were older, I’d expect to meet the parents after dating for a couple months, or at least be invited to a bbq or something. (holidays are more major though)

@mrgenevan Oh, I thought you were a girl.

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I don’t think it is that big of a deal to meet the family. If you have dated him a few times, that tells me he is at least a friend of yours. I have friends meet my family and if it’s a guy that will be very important to my life one day, then they have met him without the pressure of “this is HIM”.

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For some families it’s a bigger deal. It’s basically saying “mom, dad, this is someone important enough in my life that they’re going to be around for a while.

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I have found that to a lot of my ex’s didn’t get nearly as worked up over meeting my family as I do about meeting their family. I freak out and usually the first couple times they bring it up I stress out about it so bad that they drop it.

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It’s a big movie myth. It’s as big a deal as you want it to be, but it doesn’t have to be all that significant.

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The relationship should be comfortable. If the two of you are perfectly comfortable with each other, there should be no reason to worry about meeting the rest of the family. My fiancee was a little nervous about me meeting her dad, but everything went great and it was a very relaxing and enjoyable evening.

Be confident in your relationship and your family will pick up on that.

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My partner’s own relationship to their parents is what’s determined if my meeting the parents was to be made a big deal or not.

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My dad is visiting unexpectedly in the next couple of days, and I was just wondering if he is going to meet my man this trip. We have been seeing each other a little over a year.

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I met mine at birth.

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Since we’re long distance I haven’t met them, but I’m really excited to actually, but that’s because we’re quite serious. I feel weird meeting parents when we are just casual. I guess I’m more traditional that way.

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@AstroChuck There’s something about that that bothers me. It seems like you might have met them at conception, or, at least, some time during gestation. I mean, I get the joke, but it still bothers me.

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parents don’t matter to me. in the end it’s just you and them it should be like that from the beginning in my opinion.

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Because it seems to me that you met them before birth, not at birth.

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