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I hope so! Most of my close gay friends have moved, however, and my straight friends are “friendly” but not so outwardly. I’m hetero.

Pride has been a great time the past few years and just being there makes me feel like I’m making a positive statement.

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We choose to celebrate Juneteenth instead. That is about another form of freedom.

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I live in central Illinois, so no. My sister (lesbian) lives on Rainbow Court (seriously). I’ll go over there and celebrate with her instead.

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Yes, ma’am. Montréal Pride, s’il vous plait.

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I eat, sleep and breathe gay pride and support. I don’t need to see them naked. And I hate parades. Plus, I’m on the east coast. And I’m bitchy today. :(

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@ubersiren Aside from the nudity (which yeah, is kinda everywhere) there’s sometimes some amazing music… Pride has given me the opportunity to sing “I Think We’re Alone Now” along with Tiffany herself and a few thousand very happy gay people. What’s not to love? :)

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No, it jams up the traffic horribly. I hate parades. Too loud.

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I wouldn’t miss it.

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Oh most definitely. I can’t wait. I love pride, always a good time.

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Many , many years ago, raised in a different generation, I was homophobic. Years later, I had just been divorced and moved to the downtown core of Toronto. I had a neighbor downstairs in my apartment/tduplex. He happened to be a gay man. We became friends. We would sit on my porch and discuss many things. He educated me to the realities, struggles, and dignity of gay people. He saw I was open-minded and introduced me to many of his friends, associates, and I debated and learned and became understanding. But he also died of Aids a few years ago, and I was one of the pallbearers at his funeral and spoke about our friendship at that celebration of his life. I go to every Gay Pride parade in Toronto to commemorate his spirit , a great friend who taught me so much and is sorely missed. I encourage all to open up your minds, live and love.

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@ubersiren why does being on the east coast matter? I’m confused?

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Of course. I consider it my gay duty. Sometimes I go to several parades in one year. Though I have ideological issues with Pride, having the LGBT community gather together, along with their supporters, is a powerful experience. The isolation, loneliness and fear of the past is no more, and now we can sing and dance in the streets. Some people are just haters.

Someone is giving lurve for people saying no? Wow.

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@ubersiren Do you need chocolate? :)

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@chyna :: that would help. I think I have a Milky Way in the goodie cabinet somewhere… Grrrr snack attack!!

@adreamofautumn: I thought the link was to the parade in LA. I live on the opposite side of the country. I mean, I’ve been to plenty in Baltimore and one in Columbus OH. I’ve paid my dues.

@Likeradar: They’re loud, full of people, jam up traffic as someone mentioned above, and people tend to get obnoxious and offensive.

My two best friends, (whom I met in 6th grade, and lived with for 6 years after high school) are gay men. I’m not one of those girls who seeks out gay friends, but I have several whom I met through them. I seriously think it was something in the water in my hometown. Anyway, I’ve more than demonstrated my support. I have the Human Rights sticker on my car. I’ve made my accompaniment to gay clubs and bars… I’m far beyond this novelty. Besides hating parades in general, I think gay demonstrations such as these are similar to Black History month, which I am also sick of. I wish demonstrations about how different we are would come to an end. I don’t feel different than people because of race or orientation. Frankly, I’m tired of it being crammed down my throat. Especially in the form of naked strangers throwing penis shaped objects at me without my consent. And you know what? My gay best friends actually feel the same way. They are of the opinion that gay “pride” parades are offensive and do nothing for their cause. Proud gays, gather all you like, but don’t try to make me feel like crap for not joining in.

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Nope, not a parade person. My life and the people in it are constant without the camp and circumstance.

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@ubersiren i can definitely understand how the parade maybe enforces stereotypes, and i don’t think anyone is trying to make you feel bad for not going or wanting to go. but i must add that i don’t think gays should be any less flamming or outlandish just because it makes them “look bad” to the non-gay-friendly. in fact it might be good for the non-gay-friendlies to um “get d.o.w.n.” a lil more often.

also, pride events, at least the ones i am familiar with, usually have other things besides the parade like vigils for aides victims and victims of violence, and so on

and i definitely was not trying to discriminate to the east coast

i also thought it was cool that obama declared june glbt month to commemorate Stonewall (which is what pride is supposed to commemorate) =) yey

hugs from coast to coast!

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Pride comes before the fall.
No I won’t support that type of lifestyle.

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My birthday is June 19th and last year (or maybe the year before, I can’t remember exactly) I spent the day in London and ended up in Trafalger Square in the middle of gay pride. It was great fun! My best friend is a lesbian and I am hoping that she will be able to get th da of next year so we can go and enjoy the music and the atmosphere.

I agree with @alive about the parades, they do help raise awareness about certain causes and yes, they are colourful and flamboyant but it’s a celebration as much as anything else and the one in London each year is open for everyone to enjoy, not just the gay community.

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I know nobody from fluther is trying to make me feel bad, but just the public message in general is that if you really love the gays, you’d welcome a parade with open arms… or legs. I don’t expect anyone to stifle who they are (to be less flamming in public). That’s not my issue with it. It’s the heightened sexual nature of it all. What gay people are like is not truly demonstrated in the parade. Few people wear their leather daddy outfits, go naked, and dance provocatively with the statue of David in a non-parade or club environment. It gives the wrong message altogether. If the parade promoted that they were normal people deserving of equality among the straight, I could see the point. But it’s more an event that people want to shield their children from, and what good does that do? That’s not educating anyone. I’m definitely not a prude, but the X rated displays I’ve seen in these things are completely unnecessary. I wouldn’t want to take a child to such an event, or someone I was wishing would be more accepting of gays; I would be more embarrassed. What message does that send? Maybe it’s just the one’s I’ve been to, who knows…

To be fair, I know people in the festivals are not all like this. There are people who are genuinely there to fight for equal human rights. I applaud those people immensely. There are great musicians and artists, too. If they reach only one person at the celebration, then it was worth it. :)

You didn’t discriminate… I just thought you were asking who was going to the one in LA.

I’m glad, too, that Obama is making an effort for gay support. Now, if he would just support gay marriage instead of denying it because of his religious beliefs, then we’d have a real progressive President.

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ubersiren – I gave that a great answer, I find for the most part you have made a good point. But…
Why does it have to be Gay pride month? Why not, “people deserving of equality” month?
Fighting for equal HUMAN rights, is what it should be about. Otherwise, (be kind) you or others are just pushing your own agenda onto others. I say that with total respect.

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Irish people have parades
Puerto Ricans have parades
There are military parades
And Cinqo De Mayo parades

Parades represent different communities. I’ve said this before, I’ll give up pride when the St.Patrick’s day parade is no more.

Pride parades don’t give a fuck about pushing an agenda, except to ourselves. Don’t go, but don’t judge something you know nothing about.

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Pride parades don’t give a fuck about pushing an agenda? Easy now. :-)
Sure they do.
Irish people have parades = awareness of the Irish
Puerto Ricans have parades = awareness of the Puerto Ricans
And so on. Your examples are agendas, some are more hard edged then others..
Don’t get confused between your understanding of what people don’t t know and you not wanting to know.
Your point and logic I am interested in. Your belligerence I can do without.

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@shadling21 haha, thanks for that. i DO love a parade! now if only they had inserted “gay” into that!.. cuz i love me a gay parade!

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Have you ever even been to pride? It’s about tolerance and acceptance of ourselves, fuck it if you feel an agenda is being pushed in you. In WeHo the only agenda being pushed is that of the religious haters and bigots. They lurk around and tell anyone who walks by that they are sinful, god hates them, and that they’d be happy if all fags died of AIDS. Now that is an agenda.

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It seems your agenda (though showing some merit) is nothing but anger.

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You know nothing about me or gay pride for that matter.

Get over yourself.


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It is not about knowing you the individual. I am going by what you are writing. I totally understand the gay pride issue. If you read my first statement, I said I agree for the most part. That attitude you are showing is nothing but a cop out. Have a big enough temper tantrum and people will go away. Civilized conversations take some form of civility. You want to say what you want, do what you want and everyone else can go F-off.
Then keep YOUR special type of gay pride in your back yard. Have a beer, cook some ribs, play some music. Cool!

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ok ok ok… no need to fight about it. go or don’t, for whatever reasons you see fit.

@tinyfaery it is funny you wrote WeHo. i don’t think many people know what that is. (unless they have been there)

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@ESV when you say “that type of lifestyle”... here’s what comes to mind “the lifestyle of finding someone you love and who loves you.” i’m pretty sure we all do that. What’s not to “support”?

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@ChazMaz : GA, That’s exactly what I was trying to say. I hit closer to that idea in the previous comment I made.

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You can call names all you like. Again. You know NOTHING about gay pride or me so stop making assumptions. To say pride pushes an agenda and then say you undestand it is a load of crap.

There are so many families at pride. The festival might be sexes up, but the parades are very tame. There is NO WAY you are gay friendly while simultaneously condemning the way some to choose to live their lives. Hypocrites.

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Ok you win. I am not gay so that means I need to keep my opinions to myself. Because you know everything being gay. I have relatives that are gay and friends. They would be VERY saddened by your anger and confusion.
You were called no names, and no condemnation was said. I asked a question. You tripped out. You are the hypocrite. The gay community gets a bad rap and attitudes like yours do not help. :-)

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I don’t know, I kind of want to. SF Pride is June 27th and June 28th. I’ve never actually been to it. I’ve been near it, I’ve seen other people’s pictures from it, but I’ve never actually been to it. I’m kind of scared… :\ Don’t laugh at me…

But I disagree with what many people have been saying here. Gay pride exists because gay people are being discriminated against. That’s why black pride was started. Pride in a group like that usually functions as a way for people like that to stick together and not be taken down by those who are trying to take them down.

I’m going to use the black example as I always do: Saying “gay people are okay, but those pride parades make me dislike them more” is the same exact thing as saying “black people are okay but those who rob convenience stores in Oakland make me dislike them more.” Why are you so quick to use a small group of people to represent the whole?


You’re letting one person form your image of an entire group of people. That’s completely unfair. You want to know what the “rap” of gay people is? Get to know some. Don’t use some generalized crap based on the inflammatory comments of one member of the group.

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And to be completely honest, I think the “gay agenda” has to be pushed. Giving gay people rights is something that’s decided by the voters of this country. If I expect to be treated the same as everyone else, I’m going to have to push some things.

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No I am not. My comments were solely biased on her alone. And, forming my own image of her alone would mean I know nothing and no one. That also is not true. Did you read what I wrote?
I agree about rights, it is the “gay rights” I have a problem with. Where are gays not treated like everyone else? If you are not allowed to live where you want to, or are harassed by people. Those issues are wrong for anyone to be treated.

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Well, it’s just an assumption, but I am assuming they are talking about marriage.

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I know. Sometimes ya just have to get off the merry go round.

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i feel the need to mention that many gay people must unfortunately live in the closet. non-heterosexual people are a unique minority because sexuality is not necessarily an outward appearance (unlike being a racial minority for example), therefore gay pride is a chance for people to express themselves in the public space in a way that any given individual deems appropriate for his or her (or any other pronoun) self.

…some may have an agenda and some may not. whether they do or do not, i see no need to ridicule or fight about it.

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