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I need a movie garanteed to bring tears to my eyes. I'm pretty tough so anyone up for the challenge?

Asked by hurleygrlblink (185points) June 9th, 2009

sad movies/not happy sad movies

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Have you seen Up?


Oh. It’s happy/sad.

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The Color Purple still does it for me.

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Pay It Forward.

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The Champ

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Artificial Intelligence: AI

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Germany Year Zero or The Pianist

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The Incredible Lightness of Being, when the dog dies.

Heck, any movie when the dog dies :>(

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@shrubbery saw that movie again this weekend…yep, makes you relate to your kids and draws your sentiments

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and schindler’s list has to be high up on that list

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Patch Adams


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Terms of Endearment

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The Bridge To Terabithia

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Running On Empty

Steel Magnolias

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Try hotel rowonda ?

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How about Marley and Me? I thought it was not too good a movie and I hated the ending when I was sitting there blubbering like a baby!!!

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brokeback mountain. i got teary-eyed whenever i saw jake gyllenhall or heath, or anyone spoke to me about cowboys for like 2 months after watching it

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To name a few:
– What Dreams May Come
– The Notebook
– Dead Poets Society
– My Girl
– Stepmom
– Boys Don’t Cry
– Pan’s Labyrinth
– All Dogs Go To Heaven

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas didn’t make me cry but is perhaps the saddest movie I have ever seen in my entire life. I’ve never felt such hopeless despair because of a (non-documentary) movie before.

And there’s always Twilight, but that’ll make you cry for a totally different reason.

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Benjamin Button

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I suggest some films of different genres

- The Fountain
– What dreams may come
– Artificial Intelligence
– Patch Adams
– The Bicentennial Man
– Schindler’s List

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- The Passion (depends on perspective)
– Lord of the Flies… old version (depends on perspective)
– hmm..
if I think of any others I’ll post them.

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Pearl Harbor
A Walk to Remember
Steel Magnolias
Saving Private Ryan
Hotel Rwanda
Remember the Titans
Brian’s Song

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The Bicycle Thief

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@bythebay. Great choices all around.

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My Dog Skip

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I second Dead Poets Society.

Captain, my captain.

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Steel Magnolias
Terms of Endearment

I cry buckets everytime!

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Ordinary People

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@Bluefreedom: Thanks!
@cprevite: Forgot that one, good call.
@SuperMouse: Also forgot that one, so moving.

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Schindler’s List.

Bonus motivation: If you don’t cry – people will judge.

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I don’t know – I’ve seen every movie on here that people have suggested and I haven’t cried at any of them…

I haven’t seen a movie yet that has made me cry. My girlfriend says “The Notebook” will… I guess I’ll rent it and find out.

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@btko From what I understand, The Notebook is the ultimate chick-flick. It might have made HER cry, but if you’re a guy, you probably won’t be affected.

I haven’t seen it, so I wouldn’t know

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The key is to watch any movie in your own home. Lots of people don’t cry in a movie theater, because your guard is never totally down in that setting. But if you dim the lights and sit down in privacy, you can let a good movie reach you and affect you deeply.

I agree with Dead Poets Society, or maybe The Pursuit Of Happyness.

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Dancer in the Dark. It’s like it was made specifically to coax tears. Brutal.

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I second Life is Beautiful if you don’t cry at that one you might want to go see someone about this.
-Into the Wild
-7 pounds
-Doctor Zhivago

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@augustlan: Ooh, I forgot that one. Great choice.

I bawled at that movie

Good soundtrack too.

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@andrew i forgot about that movie!
i remember my eyes tearing up.
now i have to go find out where i can buy it…
*escapes to ebay for a minute

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Just curious… why do you need a movie that will make you cry?

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I can’t believe that I forgot Legends of the Fall. This is one of my favorite all times movies and I cry every time. Great movie!

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The Notebook…maybe. Marley and Me…definitely!

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@jonsblond I was going to say that one too. Beautiful Story!

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I forgot:
Sophie’s Choice
What Dreams May Come
A Guy Named Joe (newer one, never saw the original)
The Way We Were
Where The Red Fern Grows
My Girl
and Shawshank Redemption…

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what about Suburbia?

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for me it’s animal movies:

the Incredible Journey
The Yearling
any Lassie movie
Harry and Tonto

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i second Up, but thats a happy/sad movie like mentioned above.

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I have never cried at a movie. Sometimes life can make me cry, often when I was young, but never a movie. I haven’t had to cry for a long time now.

I know a lot of men who get teary eyed at emotional movies – it is amusing watching them try to hide it.

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@Midnight_Blue I’ve long given up hiding my tears in public. Yes, I’m that one guy in the middle of the 12th row, wiping his eyes and blowing his nose as the lights come up. My wife kids me about it all the time. Movies and music usually do it, and it doesn’t matter if I’m in public or at home: waterworks.

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I’m with you @PapaLeo. No hiding it here. Big blubbering goober.

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Ug, me too. Especially with movies that have anything to do with Dads.

And for some reason, A Beautiful Mind. I was in hysterics on that one.

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My husband, the 6’ 2” mountain man, cries at movies too. Shh, don’t tell anyone, ‘k?

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@andrew: Ooh, another good one. I also cried at A Beautiful Mind.

Christ, I even cried at Cars.

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There’s also Little Women, but you probably only get the full effect of that if you’ve read the book beforehand.

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“Nobody Knows” is based on a true story about siblings whose mother struggles with her ability to parent them. It won 2004 Cannes Film Festival Best Actor Award and the Gold Plaque from the Chicago International Film Festival.

I urge anyone who has an interest in astonishing film to see it and I would love to hear from anyone who sees it and DOESN’T weep!

It is truly extraordinary!

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I just watched Passengers, and I cried. It was a really good movie, and not what I expected at all.

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Once I’ve heard of someone who cried at ’ Xmen’ ...

… how could that not make sense..

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@hurleygrlblink @jonsblond ( hey there, ol’ jons mate.. =D .. long time no reply .. )

If all you guys want a good eye ejaculation, watch just about any Charlie Chaplin film…
and wait ‘till the final scenes especially

( you may find that they require an acute sensibility for the melancholy-tasted apparent humor, in order to comprehend what his films offer.. poignant; very poignant..a very subtle and slick way of depicting human conditions_ and while deriding it, obliging to shed a tear or two. )

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Oh… another one might be: legend of ‘900

the Gladiator works for some, in a few scenes..


I don’t know about you folk.. but CHILDREN OF MEN truly did it for me… on the last scene.. when everything stands still.. the combination of soundtrack and concept are quite….. hm…reviving.

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Land of the Lost just made me cry. Thinking about the $9 I blew!!!

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@mrwhoopie ahhah!... what is it about?

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I cry at almost every movie I see. Even cartoons. I cried at Hannah Montana. 3x. Yeah.

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Yeah, I started crying at Up at like minute 3.

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@Andrew, anyone who didn’t cry in the beginning of Up doesn’t have a heart!

I have heard that My Sister’s Keeper is an incredible tear jerker – hence I am going to avoid it.

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@SuperMouse: I just saw My Sisters Keeper this afternoon. I started crying about 20 minutes in and was full out sobbing midway through. It’s heart wrenching. I’ve never heard people crying like that in a theater, no trying to hide their tears, just letting it flow.

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@bythebay I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t make it through so I’m not even going to try!

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Marley and me.

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OK people you might not agree but I found Lady in The Water very touching right at the end. the last scene is so incent and refreshing it’s cathartic.
just wanted to ad that. It’s not a tear jerking film all the way through, though.

What dreams may come touched me quite a bit the first time I watched it.

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