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Have you ever had your chinese horoscope done for you and, if so, what did you think about it?

Asked by avalmez (1614points) June 9th, 2009

years ago, i was going through a terrible time in my life and one of my employees offered to forecast my Chinese horoscope so as to assure me that all would end well.

the process is that your Chinese horoscope should not only predict your future, but also tell you about what has already happened to you in the past.

i was astounded as to what my horoscope had to say about my past, and therefore comforted about its prediction about my future.

now, more than 20 years later, i am amazed about what my horoscope had to say about the intervening years.

and what is even more interesting about that horoscope is that my employee’s husband produced it by a computer program that he wrote.

go figure, a deterministic process yielding a prognostication.

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No, and I don’t believe in horoscopes.
The only way to accurately predict the future is to know the position and state of every quantum in an appropriately large space and extrapolate their future movement, state changes and interactions between them.
That is prohibited by the Heisenberg Uncertainty princple.

Horoscopes are intentionally superficial and vague, so they can be interpreted to match anyone’s experiences, memories, or traits.

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There have been many studies done with respect to horoscopes, for instance one that was setup somewhat as follows:
* In a college class, all students were asked to submit a paper form with date, time and place of birth as well as gender
* A well known astrologer was handed the data and made individual horoscopes for each
* Unknown to the participating students, the results were mixed and handed back at random to the class.
Interestingly and notwithstanding that due to the random handout the horoscopes were not based on their own birth data, most students were astonished by their perceived accuracy of the horoscope as well as to the extent to which it seemed to be personalized.

Sorry for not having the references at hand, but this is just to show that the way horoscopes are written, they will always invoke an eerie sense of recognition. There is, however, no reason to think that your future is or has ever been predestined.

Horoscopes are fun and enjoy them, but that’s it.

BTW a Chinese bird in Hong Kong last year predicted we would become very lucky this year, but had to be aware of big changes in our economic environment. It also predicted that I would soon meet a beautiful woman. My wife standing next to me, was happy to hear the bird’s owner explain that the bird must have been referring to her. :-D

May want to check:

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I just looked at a site that claims to offer yearly chinese horoscope readings. I was less than impressed. In fact some portion of the reading was a little offensive. If you have a source that is much more reputable though, I would be happy to indulge.

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@sap82 let me first write that i’m not a horoscope fanatic – i find them entertaining and, when more or less accurate, interesting coincidences.

that said, chinese astrology is much different than western style astrology. a chinese reading encompasses your entire life not just your future. and the process of preparing my reading was iterative (and i believe that is generally the case).

each iteration refined the results of the prior iteration based on how well the prior iteration spoke to my past. i gave no input to the reader about my past until we reached the last iteration which was accomplished when the results spoke fairly accurately to my past. then i was asked if the reading was missing any significant events.

it didn’t and so at that point it’s believed that the reading’s predictions must be fairly accurate as well.

additionally, chinese astrology takes as inputs both time of birth and location. amusingly, when a firend of mine had his horoscopre prepared, the results seemed not to be jelling until the reader realised my friend’s location of birth was the affective factor – he was born in south america and the process had to be adjusted for south of the equator latitudes (or longitudes, i forget which go east and west).

the most interesting result of my reading was that i was advised to work in a large organization as i would do well in such an organization. at the time i was contemplating striking out on my own and did for about 5 years after which i joined a large financial organization. and, i did indeed do well there, much better than i did during the 5 years i was on my own!

anyways, i don’ let astrology rule my life or affect my decisions in any way. i was just interested in learning if there were any interesting stories out there wrt chinese horoscopes.

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