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What should i gift my dad?

Asked by ashler (36points) June 10th, 2009

I plan to gift my dad something on fathers day within $100.Please suggest.

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If he likes music get him a Shuffle..

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A nice framed photo of you , there are those cool electronic ones you can store your digital pics that fall in your price range.

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Why are you going to “gift” him something? Most of us simply give presents.

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How about a gift card so he can decide what he wants as a gift.

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What does your father like? What are his hobbies and interests?

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Is “gift” a verb now? Just curious…

Dads can be tough to buy for. My dad’s birthday falls close to Father’s Day, so I always experience extra pressure to get him something nice. Since my dad really doesn’t want anything, we’re going to go for dinner at a fancy-ish restaurant this year. If your dad, too, doesn’t need/want any material things, you can always try to give him some good memories by doing something special. With $100, you can easily spend the day at a racetrack or playing paintball… You can try something new!

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