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If you meet another fellow flutherer on the street should there be a secret code/handshake?

Asked by sandystrachan (4397points) June 10th, 2009
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How about 3 wiggling fingers pointing downward?

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@Lupin And so we walk down the street wiggling our fingers just in case a flutherer comes along? And what about the nervous people who do this all the time anyway?

I think we need a jellybutton that we wear right in the lower middle of the stomach, and it depicts the jelly with a button on it, just below the mouth. Get it? Get it????

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You mean you’re not wearing the T-shirt?

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My suggestion is we make a jellyfish tentacle type movement with our hands upon seeing someone , maybe if that person owned a shop/stall we could get rushed to the front and or special service on the fly .

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I didn’t think flutherers went out!

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Yeah, no. No thanks. A pin works fine. Silly handshakes are discriminatory to those without hands.

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Pins are discriminatory to blind people.

And nudists.

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People will know me in the street as a flutherer cause am getting the Jelly tattooed to me > its there on the shirt

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The pin could also have an audio signal that is sent out at a frequency or a volume that only blind people can hear. Sheesh. And I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen a hell of a lot of people with all kinds of weird piercings. A belly button pin on a nudist seems like a piece of cake!

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Prince Albert?

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The Queen of Sheba?

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I think a good lick behind the ear would work.

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So that’s what Bendrew looks like!

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How about we use a secret phrase, like “Put the pancakes in the frizzer.” or ”$50 and you don’t tell the cops.”

wait, scratch that, use that second one already…

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A Jelly hat!

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Omg, yes! A jellyfish on the head. That would be awesome. A secret jellyfish then of course.

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