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How can pedophiles get jobs where they look after children ?

Asked by sandystrachan (4397points) June 10th, 2009
She has just been charged on 4 counts sexual abuse on children , she has been making copying and selling pictures of children ,Why can these people/beasts get jobs working with children ?

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It is very difficult to monitor all the sickos out there. Most of these people get child care jobs before they have a criminal record or are registered as a sex offender. There are background checks, but they are limited in terms of what people find sexually stimulating. I am not sure, but it sounds like it would be illegal to ask somebody if they are intending on taking advantage of children to feed a child porn ring.

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They lie on the application and no one checks up on it.

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Not nearly enough checks are made when children are involved. unfortunately these sick individuals slip the net far too easily. The whole system HAS to be stripped bare and built up again leaving no possible loop holes. Our childrens safety is priority and it’s not something that should have budget limitations

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I think that if you want to put safe guards in a system, you have to do some things that could be discussable.

The employer of people applying to a job working with underaged children, could be obliged to commit the information to the authorities, returning a “go” or “no go” depending on their criminal records. The criteria would be that a person with a record of molestation would be filtered out. This would not people who haven’t been caught, but it could filter out known child molesters.

I don’t believe though that common people in any situation should have access to other peoples criminal records.

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How? Because they were released from jail.

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Don’t you know? The really “good criminals” know how to get around the system. It’s the bad ones that get caught. Especially when it comes to sex offenders.That’s why we have to watch our children.

Don’t worry about the known sex offender that lives on your street. Worry about the close friend or relative or teacher you would trust with your life.

I’ll never forget how, when my daughter was in Kindergarten, the class went out on an outing and I was the only father that came along. When a little boy from the class needed to go to the bathroom, the teacher asked me to take him. All the while I kept wondering “but what if I were a pedophile or something”? On the other hand, what could the teacher have done? Can’t say SHE should have taken him – she could be a pedophile herself.

I guess things aren’t perfect. That’s why we have to be careful for our kids.

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I personally believe once a person is released from prison or jail they should be able to move on with their lives without having to worry about jobs or housing.

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@justus2 So, it should be perfectly fine for a convicted pedophile who has served their time to open, say, a daycare in their home?

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@Val123 Yes that is my opinion, once out of prison and served their time they should be allowed to start a new life. I don’t believe their life should be ruined

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@justus2 So you wouldn’t have any problem leaving your small child with a guy who’d been convicted of raping a four year old, just because he did his time. Would you REALLY take that risk? Or do you expect other people to take the risk.
You seem to feel that child molestation is no worse than, say, robbery.

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“I don’t believe their life should be ruined”

Too late, they already did that. Do not blame it on someone else. Just because they say they are good to go, did their time.
They will have to prove it. That takes time. Their time, not mine.

I have spent countless hours in restaurants. Does not make me a chef.

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@Val123 No I wouldn’t, but I am sure their sentence would have something about that in it. I do believe they should be allowed to get jobs and housing though without all these background checks. Also if they did open up a daycare, doesn’t mean that they would actually get kids there. I do not believe that rape is ok, however I do not believe that sex is as bad as everyone says it is, like if a 13yr old has sex at his/her own will I am ok with it, I would just like them to be safe like use protection

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So, @justus2 you would discriminate against the pedophile, deny him an income, when it came to your own kids. OK. Next question. Would you be just hunky dory if you lived in an apartment building with your toddler, and that same raper of three-year-olds moved in to the apartment next to you?
Also, how does sex with a consenting 13 year old compare to the rape of a 3 year old?

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@Val123 It doesn’t. But most people consider a consenting child rape still. I would feel a little nervous, but I believe even pedophiles need to live somewhere, so I wouldn’t freak out, I would just keep a close eye on my child and everything. Actually I wouldn’t exactly deny them an income, if I owned a company and hired people, unless required by the place I run my business in I would do no background checks, and if I have to I will ask on my application for any crimes in their past, and they better tell the truth if they want the job. If it is up to me though there will be no background checks and stuff, what is in my employees past is just that, their past.

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