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Do you find it stupid that the nightly news includes a sports segment?

Asked by Clair (3832points) June 10th, 2009

Am I the only one or does someone else find it absurd that we include a sports segment on our nightly news. It seems like the news should include tragic disasters, impending doom, and incorrectly predicted weather. I think it kind of makes us look ignorant and/or simple minded that we include sports right there with our ‘important news flashes.’ I’m not even sure what to compare it to so people could see it’s stupidity with new eyes. Surely replacing it with sales at the grocery store or a cooking segment wouldn’t give it justice. Your thoughts?

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Some people I’m not one of them, and it sounds like you might not be either live for sports, as if baseball statistics, how many millionaire athletes did their job and actually ran with the football, basketball, etc, or that some redneck won a race consisting of driving around an oval for 500 miles, actually matter in the great scheme of things. But hey, I like things that other people see as inconsequential and unimportant like 300 yr old classical music so I guess it all averages out.

I don’t get sports, have never ‘gotten’ sports, and don’t understand the fascionation with sports, but that’s just me. Your results may vary. I do think it is interesting the looks that I get when I tell people who ask that I don’t follow sports. they probably assume I am a fag or something.

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Where else will they get the sports round up ?
Not everyone has the ability to look online or at sports news channels on digital TV .

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@sandystrachan same for the recipe thing though. (just a gay example) not everyone has access to the internet and what if they want new recipes! and not sports.

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Stupid? No, but I find it irritating if excessive time is given to a sport that doesn’t hold interest for me, but as I also realise that it is of interest to others, I go and do something else. Usually turn the set off.

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Thats what cook books are for , Nightly news is on after your meal so recipe ideas would be rather late in the night .Oh and the endless cookery shows during the day time that are on standard TV channels .Why even give us the news on TV when it can be read in the paper or on ceefax , Why even have TV .

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…you can read sports in the newspaper.

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Yes but the paper doesnt come out till next day people want to be kept in the loop so they can talk about it at work next day .

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Local news should be about the community.
Sports news about the area schools seems perfectly newsworthy.

Doom and gloom can be found on any channel.

Not that I actually watch the local news very often…

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Sports is in my community and appears on local news so does that make it bad ?

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The amount of doom and gloom portrayed on the news is outlandishly more than you will ever encounter in your life. I will make this point clear: the news and media focus on these stories to entice you into consuming what they offer, so they make money on advertisements and keep their jobs and their shareholders get rich.

I stopped paying attention to most news a few years ago and I’ve been much better since then, more time to do my own things, less time spent worrying about statistical improbabilities. I don’t need to know about all the misery in the world when I can’t do anything about it. Nor do I need to know just how corrupt my Mayor is (we know how corrupt he is, he’s a businessman, duh) on a day to day basis.

So to answer your question, I don’t see sports in the nightly news to be any more stupid than the nightly news itself, extending to every sensationalist news media organization in the world. In fact, it’s celebrating people who actually get up and do stuff. Go them! I also enjoy shows like Daily Planet on the Discovery Channel, where they showcase new technology advances and talk to the people who made them. Celebrating human achievements = great. Celebrating human misery and stupidity = no thanks.

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No. I like seeing something that’s not all doom and gloom.

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Sports are big part of the community here. I think it would be sad if they didn’t represent that.

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Aren’t sporting results news? You may find sports mindless and useless, but sporting events are still events that happened, and they are events that many people are interested in. The last I checked, the job of the nightly news is to inform the viewer of events that happened that they are interested in. You say that they can read the sports section in the newspaper, but doesn’t that just completely invalidate your argument? If sports are worthy of a place in the news paper, aren’t they worthy of a place in the nightly news.

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Clair, there are people that do shift work and may not be home to watch the news at normal times – they actually might be looking forward to the sports report. Also, not all people get the newspaper.

It’s not like it’s on for very long – what 3 to 7 minutes, at most?

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Sportscasts are the biggest problem with the nightly local news.


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i don’t like sports at all, but i don’t like the news either.
but i don’t see anything wrong with a sports segment; it’s pretty short, and i’ve never watched the news and thought “man, i sure would rather listen to them talking about people dying and murdering and starving!”

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