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Are men who date strippers exclusively .....losers?

Asked by Mr_Callahan (806points) June 10th, 2009

Must be expensive, too unless he gets a discount or something.

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Yes. and stop asking questions about strippers.

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No. But guys who go to strip clubs are losers.

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OK, what is eating you? You dating or thinking of dating a stripper, and cant seem to find a way to tell your parents. Trying to justify the relationship?

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You’re really asking “Are men who date prostitutes exclusively…losers”. If that’s all they can get, yes. If that’s all they WANT then they have issues.

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Lets be civil now, its just a question.

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you asked. we’re telling you, yes.

we understand you want to brag because you have or you think you have gotten a date with a stripper, but really, we don’t care that much. Tell Cinnamon Toast we’re happy for you both, but just rather indifferent.

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Are you asking this question as if the man dating the stripper was paying her or in a relationship?

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Sure epony….un-bore me please. More cowbell!

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Sap: Anythings possible in a hypothetical scenario which may or may not exist.

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A man who dates strippers exclusively is a man who focuses on the superficial to the exclusion of everything else. I’d say Loser with a capital L.

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What is a loser?
One who loses?

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I don’t think somebody is a loser for dating somebody else. It should not matter what their job is.

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Prostitutes get married too. They deserve nothing else than a family. Just as everyone else.

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@oratio Prostitutes tend not to lead lives conducive to marriage.
However, all human beings deserve a base level of respect.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic They are not prostitutes forever…

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic Jesus, man, you have a one-sided picture of prostitutes.

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okay I don’t know at what point strippers got equated with prostitutes, but let’s remember, there is a difference

now to answer the question: some who date strippers exclusively may be losers, others may have issues, their reasons, who knows?

I’ve dated a stripper, I didn’t care what her job was…she wasn’t always a stripper and she no longer is now and I’d still date her at all the points in her life

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir They weren’t.

Edit: Ok. :)

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no because strippers are hot. If you date a stripper you’re a winner.

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I could never date a stripper, because it would bother me immensely. But just because someone dates one doesn’t mean they’re a loser. There’s WAY more that goes into it than that.

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I’d say so; yes.

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if you get to actually “date” a stripper, you must be good….trust me….I live in Vegas

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strippers or hookers?

i’m not too sure what the big deal seems to be with strippers.
if you’re just after attractive girls and not a long term relationship, may i recommend models instead?

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Jack, models dont let you look under the hood for free. {:

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If a man is willing to only date strippers, yes, it’s my personal opinion that he’s probably a loser. He’s only in it for very superficial reasons, one of them to have a trophy-girlfriend. That said, I’ve known a few strippers who won’t date customers for this exact reason, because regardless of their job, they still want to be treated with respect – just like anyone in a serious relationship. I’ve known strippers that will act like they’re okay with dating customers, but trust me… They’re only in it to use the man because they know that’s what the man is doing to them.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir: I think it’s really immaterial whether a man is inherently a loser, or whether he’s a loser because he has issues.

In the case of the stripper you dated—you say you didn’t care what her job was, which is qualitatively different from dating someone because she’s a stripper.

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No other way to say it.

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Funny, seems that women exclusively would classify men as losers for doing so :D

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They may or may not be. You would have to get to know them and pass a judgment. And who can really define or say, who is a loser and how they are losing? Best to try not to judge anyone as it is prone to risk of inaccuracy.

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@oratio No need to get defensive. I’m citing that prostitution is a dangerous business. Of course a prostitute can quit and can get married. Prostitutes choose that line of work are generally people who aren’t in a good place. They tend to get taken advantage of and abused by pimps, get taken advantage of and abused and even raped by clients, are exposed to a variety of std’s even if they do use protection (which is not 100% effective) and yes they sometimes get murdered. So no, I tend not to subscribe to the “Pretty Woman” ideal of prostitutes. As said previously, I feel that all people are entitled to a certain level of respect and dignity as human beings. Try not to forget that despite our difference of opinion on this one topic.

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yes (key word = exclusively)

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dunno, some guys date brunettes exclusively, some date lawyers exclusively, all a matter of preference.

I’d sure admit that dating only people of a certain profession seems weird and disfunctional, but calling them losers for it is a bit strong, innit?

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@TaoSan…I believe @Mr_Callahan knew the answer to this question before he asked it.
“Must be expensive, too unless he gets a di’scount or something,” means he is paying his “date” to strip for him, but hopes it is not as much as any other customer off the street would have to pay, because after all, she is on a “date”. No , I don’t think “Loser” is too strong…I believe he is much more than that.

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Aaaaaah! See I’m way too naive online! It never occurred to me to connect date and pay LOL. In that case, yes.

And bro, if it dances for money it ain’t no date….

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@TaoSan ; I think Vegas strippers are a different league. except for that nasty looking girl they put on that rolling billboard that drives up and down the strip. She is a gagger!

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Okay, not dating a stripper, just spicing it up a bit. Keep your shirts on, I know its hot out. Have some champagne on me. Should I date a stripper, I wont publicize it on Fluther unless the paparazzi catches me in the act.

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They finally got rid of the skanky one LOL

There’s a pretty one rolling up and down the strip now :)

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Fact from fiction, truth from diction. Well let me wade knee deep into this. A guy is a loser because he dates a stripper? At the crux of it no he is not a loser. Some would say he us because she normally gets paid to show her body and therefore is not the top pick of the group. Would that guy be any more a loser than the douche bag who cheats on his woman? Maybe the guy who dates a bag whore or other junkie? That would mean just about anyone who was not dating the super model or pageant queen was a looser. If the guy’s worth is sewn up in the social status of his woman what about chubby chasers, or a guy who’d date a disabled person? He is such a tool he could not get a woman with out a so-called defect? Because he could not get a woman that 80% of other men tongues drool over he is less capable than other men who are not losers? I think it comes down to the man and what makes him happy. If the woman he happens to find is a stripper, hooker, or carnival act, if that is what makes hum happy and he her, they should not care about anyone else; you can’t live to make everyone else happy.

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your catchphrase is meaningless.

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@eponymoushipster It is meaningless to think about if it meaningless, unless you can’t resist noticing it everytime you see it which I guess you will spend meaningless hours commenting on it.

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you’re missing an is bub

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@eponymoushipster To see if you were playing attention, and you still are. Good.

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