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Is this Fluther problem on MY side?

Asked by SirBailey (3130points) June 10th, 2009

At times, like just now, I’ll go to and the format of the first screen is all wrong. “Password” is off the screen and can’t be accessed. Some lines of text are spaced incorrectly. I use Vista with Firefox.

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That keeps happening to me as well. I thought it was my computer, because I asked in chat and no one else was having the issue. The format keeps getting all screwy for me.

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I’ve never had this happen to me.
What computer do both of you own?? I don’t know much about these kind of things but maybe that could be it.

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Okay, it’s happening again.
I have an HP Pavilion notebook.

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I have an HP Pavillion desktop

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I don’t think it’s your desktop, probably something related to your browser. Do you use a smaller or larger font size than the default?

I’ve never had any problems.

Also, do either of you have a screenshot of the problem?

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Try emptying your cache. In Firefox, select the “Tools” menu, check Cache and uncheck anything else, and then click Clear Private Data Now.

It’s interesting that you both have a HP computer though. Did it ship with Firefox installed, or did you install it yourself?

@casheroo Are you using Firefox too?

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You can also try holding down the shift key and clicking the Refresh button while viewing Fluther.

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I installed it myself. And my machine was bought in April. I use Vista 64 bit.

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Slowly backing out of room I think you all have this under control. I can see my help is no longer needed.

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@richardhenry I use IE don’t say anything

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what does holding shift and refreshing do?

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Shift refresh clears out the cache completely. It may solve some problems.

Try to take a screenshot when it occurs next time. That may be of use in troubleshooting what’s going on.

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@dynamicduo I was trying to, but then realized how computer inept I am :(

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The web pages on Fluther (and other sites, too) are comprised of many discrete elements. Some of those elements are hosted on different physical web server machines.

For example, I believe that all avatars ultimately source from

Anyways, I think that sometimes, certain servers might get overloaded and not respond to your web browser in a timely manner. The result could be missing avatars. Or the style sheet doesn’t load (meaning the layout of the page will appear whack). Or any number of other variations on this theme.

End result, it’s not necessarily your PC or browser cache. It’s just that flushing your cache is the easiest thing to try for immediate effect. But realize, even if it appears to “solve” the problem, it might simply be that your re-request of the page happens after the server had gotten over the workload hump.

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FYI, my problem ONLY occurs with Fluther.

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I actually just don’t go to Fluther in IE because it always does that. I only even have IE on my work computer, so I assumed it was a weird work computer issue.

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It’s only happened to me once. I have a Dell. I simply signed out of Fluther, signed off the Internet, signed back on, and it solved the problem. A lot of problems with Windows can be fixed simply by rebooting. I think @robmandu may be onto something. We’d have to see his computer-nerd certificate first, just to be sure.

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That’s what I have to do too. But if it’s a problem unique with Fluther, the Fluther “powers-that-be” would want to look into it, I suspect.

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Indeed. Please try to take a screenshot next time this happens, and send it to andrew (at) fluther (dot) com. He’ll appreciate that.

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As luck would have it, I’ve been trying to reproduce it and so far I’m failing. It seems like something was going on at the time casheroo and I both experienced it.

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It sounds like the CSS isn’t loading properly… or that the Yahoo library we use isn’t loading for you.

Do you have any sites blocked?

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And I will say that when I experienced it before (when I posted this), it was the worst it’s been. I had to log off and close my browser several times.

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Mine only happens with Fluther as well. I’ll try to take a screenshot if it happens again.

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I have a screen shot that exemplifies the problem. Now what?

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Nevermind. I put it in an email and sent it, along with a link to THIS question, to

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