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How much influence does talk radio or television have on the public?

Asked by dannyc (5257points) June 10th, 2009

I never recall as much talk radio or talk shows as I have heard in the past 10 years. Is it shaping opinions or just annoying, or perhaps you are an avid listener?

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None on this public – I don’t listen.

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Hey, they don’t call ‘em “Ditto-Heads” for nothing!
I’m not a fan. That stuff drives me crazy!

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too much.

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I don’t know. Haven’t had TV for almost five years.

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i listen to talk radio every day. the older you get, the more you want to be informed or just hear it in the background of your rush-hour drive. an avid music listener and a musician as well, i either have to listen to all music or all talk. but when the music is not right, i elect talk radio.

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Quite a lot of influence. But of course you can always turn it off.

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More than I’d like to see, sadly. My husband listens to Rush and Glen Beck pretty much daily. Then I have to patiently undo the harm they have done. For instance, several years ago my husband and I watched An Inconvenient Truth. By the end of it, he was completely convinced that global warming is a real phenomena and that we should do our part to stem the tide. Now? He thinks it’s a crock of shit again. Sigh.

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Like Jedi Mind tricks, they only work on the weak of mind.

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@augustlan hahahahahaha ooh man

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