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Do some people have more than one account?

Asked by Midnight_Blue (226points) June 10th, 2009

I am still new and not certain of protocol, but have noticed that sometimes different avatars seem to actually be the same person. For instance, are mammal and alive the same person? They seem to sometimes answer responses directed at the other and when on the same thread each of them always gets a Great Answer point even if everyone else is arguing with them. Is it my imagination?

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HA. i’m so interested to see these responses.
let’s hope they’re truthful.

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I bet there are people with two accounts. I was thinking about it for a while, just to answer some questions and keep my privacy. But I decided to just answer them anyway. Privacy is overrated.

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I have two accounts. One is for asking embarrassing questions. This one is for wrapping people with rainbows and carebears.

And that is considered acceptable usage.

But giving your other accounts lurve will get you banned.

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I’m wondering who is @johnpowell‘s alter ego now

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Having multiple accounts is not against the rules – using them to inflate lurve is against the rules.

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I debated creating another account, to answer personal questions, but decided to just use this account.
I’m sure people have multiple accounts. I’d never out them though, unless I felt they were using it for no good.

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i’m also Blondesjon and Jonsblond. oh, and Ben.

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@johnpowell I have two accounts. One is for asking embarrassing questions. This one is for wrapping people with rainbows and carebears.

Ok, so if I started another account to respond to God-Botherers then I wouldn’t be upsetting people who know me on this account. It seems like a lot of trouble to go to. You would have to do a lot of logging on and off, or can you log on twice from the same system?

No, too much trouble, besides I’m not bashful about yanking a God-Botherer’s chain. Not when they ask for it.

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@eponymoushipster You’re also steve6

am I talking to myself?

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@eponymoushipster: wait a minute!! I thought I was jonsblondesjon?!?!?!

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I am beginning to wonder whether it is just me and one other person on here.

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I am confused enough without answering my own questions or asking them to myself..though I do mutter to myself on occasion.

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@DarkScribe :: I just use my iPod Touch on my front porch. I pick up about 5 open wirless networks so I use one of those to mask my IP from the mods.

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@johnpowell I just use my iPod Touch on my front porch. I pick up about 5 open wirless networks so I use one of those to mask my IP from the mods.

How do you go typing on that thing? I have one in a drawer somewhere, it was so slow to type on that I didn’t bother with it. I got it before the BlackBerry Storm, so now I certainly have no use for it. The Storm is pretty quick once you get used to it.

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@DarkScribe :: I barely ever type on it. I hate the damn keyboard. But it is good for browsing.

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@johnpowell said, “This one is for wrapping people with rainbows and carebears.”

I just fell off the Internet laughing so hard.

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BTW @eponymoushipster, when are you gonna come out of the closet and let everyone know your real alter-ego is Crusader?

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In truth I have always been just me – the cookie.

I don’t “say” anything here I wouldn’t repeat in real life or to any of you in person.

So I don’t see the need.

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@robmandu a Demon-crat like You Would say that, Wouldn’t you?~

@jonsblond him too.

@cprevite i thought we agreed to trade off on alternating weekends. hrm.

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@eponymoushipster: Oh, that’s right.

damn divorce settlement

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@cprevite think about the children.

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I was just thinking the same thing about mammal and alive. They seem to be working together somehow. Mods, check into it, please.

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Apparently I don’t read the posts close enough to catch that one person has two names. I don’t really pay attention to what I say.

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[mod says] As far as I can tell, the two users in question are, in fact, two separate users.

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I have to get this off of my chest.

Olen Gailcalled.

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Madame Bovary, c’est moi.

@Blondesjon: Haluatte

Milo here; I have been tempted to open a separate account; Milocalled. But I think my superior intelligence would intimidate too many flutherites. And then Diego, Drake, Molly and their ilk would want to horn in.

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I am everybody on here EXCEPT astro chuck, eponymous hipster, augustlan, chyna and two-thirds of the people from It takes a lot of caffeine to be everyone on this site, but you know what, I reached a million lurve points last week.

does the million lurve points dance.

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i’m not really me either. i just fill in for TheIowaCynic.

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I am starting to feel lonely. I seem to have left myself out by only being one of me.

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@oneword oh, i see what you’re doing with that. clever.~

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@DarkScribe but you see, you are so awesome that being more than just you would detract away from who you are. You’re one of my favorite newbies on here.

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